Isn’t that the Truth? There is Nothing Like The Real Thing!! The Real Thing is Better than the fake and For Real. We live in a world full of a lot of fake things, impersonators on all levels. The thing is, however, that if you know and understand the integrity and qualities of the real thing, the fake thing will be easy to spot.

There are a lot of fake things on earth, and a lot of people are grabbed by it, deceived by it. Why is that? That is for a very simple reason: people do not know The Real Thing. Take shoes or bags, if you as a person know what real leather is then you won’t fall for the fake leather, which is not real leather at all. If you understand the touch of and quality and make-up of leather then you will immediately notice the difference between a fake leather shoe and a real one. The same applies to food, love, friendships, spirituality and every other thing which can be faked or impersonated. Of course to be able to discern the real from the fake you will need to have an encounter with The Real Thing. Once you have a genuine encounter with The Real Thing you will not be easily deceived by the fake or impersonator. How many times have you seen a film or broadcast about impersonators of The Real Thing, take a popular show like superman (Smallville). In one of the superman series broadcasted, there was an impersonator, a fake Clark Kent, but each time he stood in direct sunlight he was exposed as the fake. The same applies to any other fake thing or impersonator of The Real Thing, when The Light Of Truth shines on it then it is exposed as the fake, which it is.

I said that an encounter with The Real Thing will make it easier for you to discern between the fake and The Real Thing. That is True. If you have never had an encounter with The Real Thing it will be much harder for you to be able to discern between fake and True. That is because the fake resembles The Real Thing so closely. But that said there always are distinct differences, differences which you would be able to discern if you have had an encounter with The Real Thing. The closer your encounter the easier you would be able to spot the difference between fake and Real. I mentioned that superman series where Clark Kent was impersonated by a fake and his place was taken over by another, the impersonator. Now, it was easy to spot the difference between the fake and The Real when the fake stood in direct sunlight, but apart from that it would’ve been much more difficult to tell that the impostor was the impostor. The only other way to spot the differences between The Real Clark Kent and the fake was if you have had a real close encounter with the Real Clark prior. The fake Clark looked like the Real Clark, dressed like the Real Clark and sounded like the Real Clark, but there were differences. Differences which only someone who had a very close encounter with the Real Clark prior, could spot.

Life on earth is a lot like that particular portion of the superman series, there are impostors here on earth, and a lot of impersonators. And as it was with the fake Clark, so it is on earth, the liars and deceivers, impersonators and impostors, can easily be exposed by The Light Of Truth, and the other way, is if you’ve had a real close encounter with The Real Thing. There are fake saviours and fake gods, and all kinds of impersonators and liars, but if you know The Truth, the Real Truth, then you will know the difference. Someone merely claiming to be superman does not make him superman, possessing knowledge of the qualities of the Real superman will reveal which is the fake. The same applies to God, The Creator, not everyone who claims to be God, The Creator, is God The Creator. Not everyone who calls themselves saviour is a Saviour. Even if the whole world runs after him, that does not make him a Saviour. Knowing and understanding the qualities and distinct characteristics of A Saviour will make it easy for you to discern a Saviour. One distinct quality of a Saviour is that a Saviour saves, not just in Word but also in deed. If you call anybody your Saviour then it means you were stuck in something and you were saved or rescued from it. If you are still stuck then you have not been saved, no matter how many times you claim that you have been.

The Real Truth will not claim to have saved you while you are still stuck in the same thing. The Real Truth will state The Real Truth and Real Saviours Save.

“He will call out to Me, ‘You are my Father, my God, the Rock my Saviour.’” (Psalm 89:26 NIV)

“He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation.” (Psalm 91: 15-16)
Real Saviours Save.


Are you are a “free spirit?” The type of person who does not ask for directions or look at a map when they decide to go on a new journey, the “rely on my instincts” type? Well, if that is you then you must have gotten lost a lot J.
I know, the majority of people choose to use all of their God-given senses when they go on  a new journey, and not just mere internal instinct, after all God gave you sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste for a very good reason. All these exist to make the journey easier and more enjoyable. Yes, there are those, mainly guys, who would much rather get lost than ask for directions, because it is the man-thing to do. Friends do not let pettiness be the cause of your frustration, if you get lost be wise enough to just ask for directions. The same pettiness is the cause why so many people would much rather stay stuck in stuff than ask for direction to get them out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into. No, this here is not condemnation, this here is telling those of you who need to find the right road to stop being stubborn and to just acknowledge that you’re a little lost.
Friends being a grown up does not mean you all of a sudden possess all the knowledge of the universe or that you are a-know-it-all. No, it simply means you are a little wiser than you were when you were still a kid and more accountable, accountable to yourself. When you were still a kid you could get away with some things, because you could say ‘I didn’t know.’
Now that line is not going to work, because you are a grown up, and grown-ups are held accountable for their actions. And one thing about being a grown up is that you know that, you can’t just do stuff and pretend that you have no clue what just happened. The road back is about acknowledging that you’ve messed up and that you know that. It is not cool to stay stuck in something just because you are not willing to admit that you are wrong. If you made a wrong turn then stop, don’t go any further. If you do not know how to find the right way back then ask for directions, wise people are wise because they are wise enough to acknowledge when they need help. You don’t have to pretend that you know everything; you are a human being not God.
Friend, look, you can get to where you want to go when you ask for directions. If the place you want to get to is a good place and not against what is right, then you could get there. If you want a good relationship with someone, almost anyone, then you can get there. If you want a good house to live in, you can get there, if you want your business to do well, you can get there. (And I said good things, so forget about wanting to have a romantic relationship with your neighbour’s wife). The thing is, if you’re a little lost then deal with it, acknowledge it, stop fooling around and be wise. Ask for direction and get on the right road, it does exist.
“An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.” (Proverbs 24:26 NIV)


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