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In a rush? Why? Don’t be, just pace yourself, you’ll get there if you’re supposed to be there. I am not saying, that you should limit yourself, all I’m saying is, that you should manage your steps wisely, walk, don’t run, and if God wants you there, you will get there. You may not be aware of it, or think about it, but you are living in a controlled environment, earth is a controlled area, God-controlled. It might not look like God is in control on earth, but God is.

God created the earth, and God created you, and your environment, no matter where you find yourself on planet earth, God is both the Creator, and the One Who sustains the earth, and everything in it, even you. What does it mean? It means, that God is the One, Who controls the pace at which the earth rotates, God regulates the speed at which the plants grow, God controls the speed of the wind, and God is the One, Who manages the pace at which your heart beats per minute. God is more in control than you are aware of, or even think. God is a whole lot more present, and involved, in the everyday realities, and lives, of the inhabitants of God’s planet, it may not look like God is here, but God is present. I do know why people think that God has left the earth. Why do you think that God is absent, because of all the chaos on earth? Well, God is not absent, God is here, and He has always been here. Remember the time of Adam and Eve, after they ate of the forbidden fruit? God was around even then:

“The man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as He was walking in the garden. (Genesis 3:8 KJV)

A lot of people think, and assume, that God is absent, when things go wrong for them, or when chaos happens. That is not exactly True, God is there, you may not see God, but He is there. A lot of people like to say, “If God was there, then why didn’t He prevent this or that from happening?” Good question, with many answers. Do you think that God was absent, when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree? No, God was there, watching them, just like God watches you when you make bad decisions. (Yea, I know, you don't make any.) You do have free will, and you do choose for yourself, yes, there are many outside forces and influences, trying to corrupt and destroy you, but you do have free will. You may not always have the power and freedom, to live out that free will, but you do have free will. And today, I am speaking to your free will, giving you wisdom and knowledge, a knowledge which will enlarge your territory, and increase your years, if you listen. When I say, pace yourself, I mean, that you should not run, live your life like you will be around for a long time, God has. And if you are the just, then you also believe, that God is your Father, and as such, Someone Who should be an inspiration to you, IF HE IS DOING THE RIGHT THING. When Adam and Eve ate of that forbidden fruit, and as a result, triggered chaos in their own lives, God did not run to them, even though He was aware of the wrong they had committed. God paced Himself, and walked to them. God did not run to them, because God knew they broke His law, no, God walked to them. What do you do when you find yourself in a place where people are breaking the laws and commands of God? Are you in a panic? Are you worried and anxious? Well, don’t be, God were not.

God knew, that Adam and Eve disobeyed His command, and rejected His counsel (like so many of you humans do -especially when you are confronted with giving your tithe -and if you are reading these posts regularly, then I do expect you to tithe, everyone of you regular readers. And please, if you come here often, and choose to reject My wise counsel, being in a position to tithe, but you choose not to, out of your own free will, then please stop coming here. The curse of God is as real as your face, you are going to call it bad luck, or whatever, but little one, I am NOT your enemy. If you tithe faithfully, in addition to living a just life, then you are blessed; sinners, however, are cursed, because they know the right and reject it. The tithe is due to an anointed priest of God, no other, and if you are positively inspired, blessed, elevated, strengthened, set apart as holy and greatly favored (which you are), as a result of these anointed posts, it is, because I am an anointed Priest of God Most High. If you doubt My voice and Words (which you are, if you read these posts, but you do not tithe), I am telling you the Truth, I will not be angry with you, if you choose out of your own free will, to not come here and read these posts. I will not be angry with you, I will simply not be concerned for you. I will not say much more, because My Words are mightier than a mountain, stronger and sharper than any sword, it gives life and brings light, it opens (good) doors and shuts them (bad doors), it heals and overcomes darkness, and if you believe, they are of no value to you, then do not come to read My Words. As much as My Words are a blessing to the just, they are a curse to the wicked. It is better for you to not have seen them, than to see them and reject them. I am holy and I expect you to be holy, if you read these posts and reject them, you will be cursed. It is better for you to not have seen My Words, than to see them and reject them, I will demand an account of you, an angel of the Lord will pursue you. My concern is real, it is better for you to live a life of ignorance, and eventually perish in your ignorance, than to come in contact with Me and the Words of Life, and reject us. Your life will be shortened, your youth and beauty will waste away, and the good you have will be snatched out of your life, as a result of rejecting My Words. I am NOT your enemy, it is better for you to live your brief life in the darkness you call light, than to come to My Light and run from it. So little one, if you read My posts regularly, and have concluded in your heart, that you will not tithe (as a result of you not tithing, you are rejecting Me as a Priest of God Most High, and you have no claim on God's Covenant of Peace, you are effectively an outsider, an unbeliever, faithless. So, whatever benefit is due to the just, you as a faithless individual has no part in.), then do not come here anymore. I am giving you fair warning, because I am NOT your enemy. Your enemy is the one telling you to reject God's wise counsel and knowledge.), and He had an attitude about it. God’s attitude and response were: “Since you disobeyed and rejected My command, and counsel, I will reject you.”  So God expelled them from the garden, and they suffered as a result. And a lot of times, people have no respect, and pay no mind, to what the consequences of their decisions would be, and they just do whatever they want to do, with the attitude: “You can tell me nothing!!” My response is, “Fine, it’s your life.” I have seen many people run away from wisdom and good counsel, to embrace the speed and pace of the world, and as a result, were showered with the consequences of their stupid decisions, they suffered. And what did I do? I said: “You didn’t listen. So, what do you want ME to do about it? Your life Your problems.” And no, I am not insensitive, I just don’t dwell on other people’s stupidity, and deliberate disregard, for the Right, when they have the opportunity and freedom, to do and choose the Right thing. Your choices Your consequences.

A lot of times, when people deliberately, and out of their own free will, do bad and wrong things, they want to blame others, and claim to be the victim of the influence of others. That is nothing new on this planet, Adam did the same thing, he blamed Eve. He said:

“The woman You put here with me- she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” (Genesis 3:12)

Adam blamed Eve and God. He basically meant, “It was because of the influence of this woman, Eve, whom was given to me by You, God. If it weren’t for You, and this woman, whom You gave to me, I never would’ve ate of that tree, You and this woman, whom You gave to me, are really responsible. I am innocent.” That excuse didn’t work. And yours won’t either. If you know what the right thing is, and you, out of your own free will, reject the right, and do the wrong thing, whatever that forbidden fruit is that you are eating (like your tithe), you are guilty, and will bear the consequences of YOUR decisions. I know, you do not want to hear this, you want to hear that God will bless you, no matter what you do, and no matter how many times you break God’s good and wise commands, God will still bless you!! That's not how things work on earth, choices have consequences. If you have friends, which you had chosen, and walk, or run with, then you will be affected by their actions and choices. It is true of course, that they will try and influence you to do what they are doing, because you are there with them. But at the end of it all, the choices which you made as an individual, will govern both the quality and length of your life. Ask Adam and Eve, God cursed each of them individually, and death overtook all of them, based on the choices which they had made as individuals, to reject God's commands. If Adam had chosen to reject Eve and the snake's idea, to eat of the forbidden fruit, he would've been free from the curse (YAHWEH would have given him a new wife -humans are not exactly irreplaceable, and you are not either -especially if God prospered you and you are in a position to tithe, but you don't, because you are greedy. If you are capable enough to contribute your tithe, but you do not, then refrain from coming here, you are already under God's curse for disobeying His command, you really do not want Me to condemn you as well -My judgments are a whole lot more intense than Jehovah's, especially when I see that you are in a position to do the Right, but you choose not to. I am very gracious, and I love humans, but evil I despise.), but since he partook of the forbidden fruit, he also inherited the curse. The same applies to you, if you reject the bad counsel of wrong friends and family, the curse won't consume you, and you will live, as God's word declares. 

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.” (Psalm1) 

Why then do you sit with them, and walk with them, and eat with them? Even if there are no other people around except them, why do you walk with the wicked? You don’t need their lungs to breathe or their feet to walk with, now do you?

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.” (Psalm1)

Such a familiar verse, yet so rejected and disregarded. If you are a child of Light, then walk with the children of The Light. What do you want from the children of darkness, why do you spend your time and life with them? What do you have in common? If you love the Right, then you will walk in The Light, and do the works of the children of Light, but if you belong to the darkness, then your works will show where you belong. Your friends are your friends, because you made them your friends, who forced you to be their friend? If you have bad friends, then it is, because you have chosen bad friends (you don’t have to stay friends with evil people, toss them aside), and if your friends are good, then they are good, because of their behaviour.

So, who do you blame, for all the laws and commands of God, which you are breaking? Your friends, your family, and the people you are in love with, or is it society, or the government? Who do you blame? Blaming others won’t make you innocent; doing the Right, and walking in the Light, and in the Righteous way, will maintain your innocence. So what, if the whole nation that you live in, is corrupt, and disobey God’s commands, and what, if all the people you know, are continually breaking God’s good commands? What if your friends hate the Right and love evil, what if your entire family treats you like an alien for being righteous, will you join them? If you do the wrong and evil thing, you alone will bear the consequences of your wrong actions. If you put your hand into the fire, your hand will get burnt, not your friend’s, or your family’s, or your government’s, you will burn. And if you do the Right, then you should be blessed for it, you and your offspring. So what if the whole nation is corrupt? I have seen whole nations set their face against what is Right, and against the innocent, with great evil in their hearts, it grieves me, and I hate it when the innocent are being ill-treated for nought. What will God do, if an entire nation, disobeys God’s good command? This is what is written:

“You are under a curse the whole nation of you.” (Malachi 3:9)

Yes, a whole nation can do wrong and disobey God’s command, not just individuals. God created the nations, and God will deal with them, but you live your life, and live at God’s pace, you will live longer. Worry not about the destiny of the wicked; expect good from God, because you are good. Step away from those whose feet are swift to rush into evil, and walk away from those who never set foot on the path of righteousness, do not sit with them. And for those of you who come to read my posts, and then say, “Thank you, Jesus!!” Why are you here, and why do you give My glory to another? Is this not clear enough to you? I do not represent his cause, nor promote his doctrine. Is your “saviour” and his flawed teachings, not enough for you? Are his teachings lacking wisdom and wise counsel? What do you come here for? If Jesus is God then follow Jesus, but do not confuse My words and teaching for his, he is an ignorant fool on a cross, a complete misrepresentation of the Christ, and of His mandate to Rule, and Govern the earth, I Am The Light, and in Me there is no darkness. If Jesus is God, then walk with Jesus, do not come here. If Jesus is The Light, then do not come to My Light. This is My Righteous Way, the Way of Righteousness; it is a Broad Righteous Way, with Great Righteous Freedom, and a path of Righteous Life and Living. If Jesus is your saviour, then go walk in the narrow way of idiocy, which leads to an early grave.

“How long, O men, will you turn My glory into shame? How long will you love delusions and seek false gods?” (Psalm 4:2)

“The arrogant cannot stand in Your presence; You hate all who do wrong. You destroy those who tell lies; bloodthirsty and deceitful men the LORD abhors.” (Psalm 5:5)

You see, friend, many will come and declare themself to be God's Christ, but never will Christ Himself, tell anyone anywhere, to NOT resist evil, because He hates evil.

“Your throne, O God, will last forever and ever; a sceptre of justice will be the sceptre of your kingdom. You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you.”  (Psalm 45:6-7)

“Lead me, O LORD, in Your Righteousness- make straight Your Way before me.” (Psalm 5:8)

Let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them sing for joy. Spread Your protection over them, that those who love Your name may rejoice in You. For surely, O LORD, You bless the righteous; You surround them with Your favour as with a shield. (Psalm 5:11-12)

“The LORD watches over the Way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.” (Psalm 1:6)

You cannot walk in both the narrow way of Jesus and the Broad Way of Righteousness.

If you want to understand more about the Mandate and Rule of God's Christ, then you should read this: THE LOVE FOR AN ENEMY!!

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