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Worry is something which most people are fairly familiar with, across all social, economic and whatever else divides. Most people do not want to worry about anything; people just want to live their lives, free from worry and the anxieties which accompany worry. What is worry? Worry is (being in) a state of anxiety, sometimes severe anxiety, and other times more mildly, but anxiety still the same. My solution to worry and being full of anxiety: Do Not Worry, but Be Concerned.

Worry has the nasty habit of sucking the joy and peace from people’s lives and bodies. Worry drains the energy of its carrier, because worry is like a living thing, like a spirit. Almost all things on this planet are caused or created by some spirit. God is a Spirit (or believed to be a spirit) and God created almost everything on this planet (and don’t be surprised when I say “God created almost everything on this planet,” because there are things which God did not and could not create, because they already existed long before there was or were a being or beings who referred to themselves as Gods). Worry is driven or caused mostly by spirits, for humans worry is a mental thing, it is something which happens in their minds and affects their bodies. You don’t worry with your hand or your feet or your face, you can express worry through your hands and face, by chewing your nails or tapping your fingers (sometimes the fruits or indication of worry and anxiety), but you worry mostly with your brain. Your brain is where the thoughts and ideas which causes you to worry are, and those thoughts are the reason why your body is stressed (much of the time), your brain is your control panel. You may know or you may not know, but your brain receives messages all the time, from your body and from your immediate surroundings, and you may not be aware of it, but from spirits. Yes, spirits have access to your brain, they can either be helpful and beneficial or very destructive, it depends on the type of spirit. They can be helpful and make you very intelligent and wise or they can be destructive and cause memory loss, confusion, worry and anxiety, whatever a “good” spirit can do to your brain the bad ones can do the exact opposite. There is a scripture that says:

“Consider the paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm.” (Proverbs 4:26 NIV)

What God is saying or wants humans to get through that message is that not every path is a good path and not every thought or idea that pops into your head is a good one or from a good spirit. When thoughts or ideas or even dreams pops into your mind, do not tolerate the bad ideas and thoughts, but consider them. Consider their source and what their message is, because there is a message and a spirit behind that thought. And if it is a bad thought or idea or dream then be concerned, because some spirit is either warning you about something or making you aware of something, or a spirit is threatening you. The thoughts in people’s heads are mainly the reason why people tend to worry a lot, even if they worry about some bad circumstance or situation, they only start worrying after they had been made aware of the issue, they don’t worry before they know, they worry after. God says “consider the paths for your feet,” that means do not be in a rush to solve problems, that is where the anxiety will start, no, consider, think it through. And thinking something through or considering something is not a form of worry, to consider something means to weigh your options, that is why it says “consider the paths for your feet.” Paths mean that you do have options to consider, so do not rush and consider your options. And after you have considered your options God says that you should take only firm ways, that is certain ways. Do not go down the road of uncertainty, walk down the road of certainty where things are clear. (Unless you are one of those people who likes surprises- not all surprises are good surprises- stay in the know)

If you are righteous and possess wisdom then you will find a lot of Truth in God’s word, sometimes hidden, but if God “likes” you (OR FAVOUR RATHER) then you will see a lot of clear direction in a simple verse. And if you are the just, one more thing that God says to you in that verse is to “take only firm ways.” That means as the just your feet should always and only be on firm and certain ways, it includes all things: money, relationships, work and everything else, take “only” solid ways. Do not set foot in the way of uncertainty; it is wiser to rather wait than to make a hasty decision which you will regret later on.

A lot of people try to solve the problems of the world and when they can’t they then worry about not being able to solve the problems of the world. Be concerned I say, don’t worry, do the good you can and leave the rest up to God. A lot of “religious people” think that solving the world’s problems is their responsibility, but God wants you to know something: “Consider the paths for your feet.” Meaning that you should not worry about the feet of all the people in the world and where their feet are taking them, be concerned for your feet. Don’t worry about the world, be concerned for your own feet, God gave a brain and feet to every man and woman (except for certain situations where God was being mean), so be concerned for “your own feet.” Consider where your feet are taking you, because you can control them, the feet of others are not under your control, God did not give you control over their feet, so control your own. Where are your feet taking you? You are in control of them (most of the time). So do not allow anxiety and worry to cause your feet to rush into uncertain ways and shaky paths, allow your brain to weigh your options first, you’ll live longer. And remember, God gave every man and woman their own feet and their own brain, so don’t use your brain to try and control all the feet of every man and woman in the world, just try controlling yours.

“The LORD will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being snared.” (Proverbs 3:26)

“Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble.” (Proverbs 3:23)

“Thus you will walk in the ways of good men.” (Proverbs 2:20)

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