Sunday, 16 March 2014


Many people desire to be the leader and rightly so, because the ability to lead is in every person. Yes, the ability to lead is in every man, God deposited it in humans from the beginning of this age and it is still there. It is not disputed by any (with common sense), yet many still doubt their own ability and leadership qualities.

Leadership lies deep in every person, deep within and for most people this divinely placed leadership only rise to the occasion when there are pressing issues. Think about David, a shepherd boy who kept his father’s sheep, not recognised or called a leader by any, yet when the crisis came the boy stepped up and led a nation to great victory. Friend, there is a God and the same God who created David, a shepherd boy turned leader and king is your Creator and will help to bring your leadership qualities and strengths to the fore. I do not believe that you have to wait for a crisis for that leadership qualities to rise from within you, because they are there to be a benefit and a blessing, not just when trouble arise, but in everyday living. It is up to every person to allow God to develop and cultivate that ability to lead deposited deep within, as God had done with David and many others. Friend the ability of David to not conform or adjust to the fears of those around him had nothing to do with the strengths of others, it had everything to do with his faith in God and the abilities he knew God had deposited within him. A strong leader does not pretend to know it all or be it all, no a strong leader acknowledges that there is a God.

Goliath had the physical strength and a strong support system, but David had a God. Goliath had a big sword to slay his enemies with, but David had a God. Goliath had great pride, but David had a God. When it looked like the odds were against him David’s God made the difference and gave David the victory over Goliath and his strong support system, big sword and great pride.

“Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud.” (Proverbs 18:12)

To his brothers David was not the boy they thought he was, because they had no idea that God was busy developing the leadership qualities inside of him. When the king and David’s brothers felt weak and inadequate God had an opportunity to reveal the hidden leadership quality in David called ‘stepping-up when the occasion presents itself.’ Sometimes true leaders will have to step to the forefront when nobody else is willing to take a stand. Sometimes to be a leader you have to do stuff even though you do not have the title yet. Sometimes people are so preoccupied with titles and positions that they fail to see the opportunities to lead presented to them by God. Friend keep in mind that David was given an assignment to deliver food to his brothers, but when he arrived at his brothers he found an opportunity, an opportunity to step up and lead. You may not have the title yet, but don’t let that keep you from being a leader.

The best of leaders is found amongst the most ordinary of men. Don’t let the perception others have of you defeat the persuasion you have of yourself.

“The righteous are as bold as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1 NIV)

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