Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Friends, the desire to succeed exists in just about every human being on earth. Part of the reason for your success is not just your believe that you can succeed, it is the believe of success coupled with your own will to succeed. Every human being who rises in the morning, to do whatever it is they believe will bring their dreams a little closer do so because they believe they can eventually accomplish their heart’s desire. A student who gets out of bed after a late night do so because they want to achieve success and progress in life, but with no will to accomplish something meaningful and significant they will stay in bed and nothing will get done. The same applies to all humans, with no will to succeed your believe that you can succeed is utterly worthless. A lot of bad things happen on earth, because there are a whole lot of people who believe they can succeed at achieving great things, but they do not have the will to succeed.

You see friend the will to succeed is rooted in the will to make things happen, it is rooted in action, in effort and doing something. A lot of people who have that believe to succeed, but not the will to succeed are the very same people who are always complaining about others and what they are doing wrong, yet they themselves are not lifting a finger to do something meaningful and right. Friends, those who spend their energy finding fault with others, yet they are unwilling to do the right thing themselves, are the very reason why there is so much to complain about. There are too many people who believe they can do better, yet they are no more than critics with no will or power to achieve success themselves. The people who are achievers and successful are not the critics of others or the complainers, no, they are the doers and the movers. Here is a prediction, the next age of rulers over countries and lands with great resources won’t be elected governments or democracies, no, they will be people with the will to succeed. They are the ones who will rise each day with an agenda, a dream to fulfil, a plan they are working on, a dream they will make a reality. They will be the next age of rulers and governors, not great countries or democratically elected leaders, no, it will be individuals with the greatest will to succeed, the will which will drive them to create and find new ways to bring remarkable and exceptional changes which will change the face of the planet. You see friend, for too long too many people have been sitting doing nothing while communities, towns, cities, lands and countries were demolished and destroyed while they’ve done nothing, but complain and point fingers. God gave them their own hands to work with, but instead they laid and sat around complaining, criticizing, and doing nothing. I don’t blame, I speak the truth, if you are alive and do have the opportunity to be a part of something good and significant, yet you turn your back and walk away, then you are part of the problem.

On the other hand, friend, if you are a friend of everything you know and believe to be right and just, then you and your offspring will share in the good that is to come. The just do not merely sit around complaining and pointing fingers, no, they do the best they can to create the change they want to see and be. The will to succeed will drive you to do your best, and bring your best effort, you won’t be mediocre or a loser, no, you will be an achiever, a success and an inspiration. Times change, but justice will always be justice. The successes of tomorrow will be built on the just of today.
I know many different people do have different ideas of what success is, some believe that having a lot of money means that you are successful, but what about the billionaire who has a lot of money, but then dies of cancer? How is that success? Others reason to have a great family, a good partner and obedient and respectful children is success, yet they are without peace when one of their children gets caught up in drugs or some destructive addiction which ruins lives. Where is their success? Still others believe that living in their corner of the world with their job, relationships, houses and friends means they are successful, until they are diagnosed with a deadly sexually transmitted disease which neither they nor doctors can do anything about. Where is their success?
Friends, true success is measured by your quality and quantity of life, in other words, a long healthy and safe life, with those you love, free from fear, violence, trouble and distress. The will to succeed is rooted in the will to live a long and healthy prosperous life, free from fear and anxiety. The will to succeed is the measure of effort you bring into every situation to create a better world and a better reality for yourself and others you love. The will to succeed is doing your best today so you can have the best tomorrow.

“The LORD is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayer of the righteous.” (Proverbs 15:29 NIV)

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3)

 Reality is a lot of rotten things are happening on earth, but it is also true that not all people on earth are rotten, there are exceptions. Those exceptions will bring the change.

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Monday, 19 August 2013


Friends, what is your legacy? Or How important is legacy to you? Some people work real hard their entire lives through, wholeheartedly committed to accomplish something meaningful and significant enough, which may cause the rest of humanity to remember them after they’ve gone, for generations to come. Still others don’t care about legacy, they don’t even think about it.

The Truth about legacy, whether you care for it or not, is that whoever remembers or fail to remember you or your great or not so great works, you won’t be there to see them celebrate or despise the memory of you. Friends I know that leaving something great or good behind after you breathe your last is important for some, especially for those with children, loved ones or friends, you want to be in loving memory. Most people want to be remembered for their good works or their kindness and goodness of heart, while others merely want to be remembered by someone. Friends, I am telling you the Truth when I say, “It is far better for you to be celebrated and loved by those you care for while you’re still alive than to work your fingers to the bone trying to do something meaningful enough so people can remember you.” It is of greater value and benefit for you to live your life to the full and enjoy your days here on earth with the people you love, than to spend “all your time” working hard trying to leave something behind which may cause people to remember you. The best gift you can give to those you love and care for is the love you have for them, expressed and shown through your presence in their lives.

The best gift you can give yourself and your friends, loved ones, family and/or children is by living your life and sharing your life with the people you love. And, yes, I know, for most people there are some great moments in life and some not so great moments, but whether the moment is great or not is not really all that important; the important thing about the moment should be that you were in it. Friend, your life is a gift from God and how you choose to live that life is a gift from you to God. The best way to prove to God that you appreciate the life He gave to you is by sharing it with those you love, with your family, friends and loved ones. By you being present in the moments of their lives, sharing in the good and the not-so-good is a present you give to them and also to yourself. You are a being created to be with others of your kind, you have been blessed with a mouth so you can acknowledge the ones you love and tell them that you love them, you were given a body so you can be present in their lives and you were given a set of legs so you can walk with them, even through the hard and tough times. I know most people like to run away from their friends and loved ones when times get tough, because they think (Subconsciously) these legs were made for running, but friends, God made those legs. God made them so you can run to your friends and loved ones and he gave your arms so you can hug and embrace them when things are hard or difficult for them. Friend, a legacy of life is being present in life, not just your life, but in the lives of others.

Yes, take the time to spend with your loved ones, friends and family, live your life and live it well. Yes, you might not yet have all the material things your heart desire, but what do you have? You have people which no money or any material possession can replace, you have the people you love and care for. You have much more than money or any material possession, much more than gold and diamonds; you have life, irreplaceable and precious. The one thing people cannot buy or replace; a gift from God. Live your life the way you want with the people you want, after all if you spend it wisely God might very well add a lot more years to it.

“Accept what I say, and the years of your life will be many. I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble. Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.” (Proverbs 4:10-13 NIV)

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Thursday, 15 August 2013


How many people are dreamers? How many people dream of achieving great successes and accomplishing wonders great and awesome? Friend, it may come as a surprise, but most people are not dreaming of achieving great and wonderful things, no, most people’s dreams are pretty ordinary. The majority of people’s dreams are not just pretty ordinary a lot of them are also very much the same. Most people want to be happy, and they want safe homes to live in, healthy relationships, faithful partners, healthy and obedient children, a great income and good cars to drive. That is what the majority of people want, very few want to change the world and achieve great things, and most people just want to have a lot of money.

Since those are the desires and dreams of the majority of humans then they are things which are easily obtainable. These are things any and every human being living on earth can and could have, because they are such basic things. The question is and could be, “Why are these things the dreams of the majority of humans living on earth everywhere?” Friends, the answer is really simple, “No matter where on earth people are living, all humans do have the same basic needs.” All people need to eat and clothe themselves, all people want to feel and be safe in their own homes, all people want to love and be loved and all people want to have money to spend and buy stuff. No matter the location all people on planet earth do have the same basic needs. You know friends, consider this, if the dreams of the majority of humans are so basic, simple and similar, wouldn’t it be wise for all people to start working together in making those dreams a reality? Solutions are so simple and most people could easily achieve their dreams if they just put pointless differences aside and start working together. Because what is religion and skin colour, nothing except two of the main causes for all the divisions on earth? The other of course is greed and as a result a few are possessing great wealth and resources while the majority, sitting in their racial and religious camps, are living in either poverty or the fear of falling into poverty. The dreams of most humans desiring peace, safety and sufficient resources can easily become a reality if humans were just willing to work together, but unfortunately a few rotten apples in the human basket are the cause for division. Friends, if you who are able and ready to work together choose to become part of the solution and step out of your worries and doubts into trust and action, then a lot of lives will not only be improved, but a whole world can be turned into a peaceful and safe home to live in. After all, the world is the way it is today, because of things done through the people who are occupying it. A sitting back and watching, doing nothing, except complaining is the main cause why things are deteriorating rather than improving, there are too many people who are doing nothing, but merely dream and talk about their dreams. Your dreams can happen if you are willing to make them happen.

Friends, the problem with a lot of complainers is the fact that they want to reap without sowing. A lot of you want peace and safety and abundant resources, but very few of you are willing to move a finger to work together with others to build a better world and a safer and more peaceful environment. In some households there is the saying, “If you do not work you will not eat.” I agree with it, if you are given the opportunity to work with others like an ant to gather the food in summer and store it up for the winter then you can have a share in that food during the winter months. If you are able to contribute your share yet refuse to then you are the cause for your own coming suffering and misery. Dreams don’t just happen, ants dreaming of abundant food stored up for the winter do not merely sit and dream all day long, they lift up their behinds and go out to gather food which they then store for the winter months, so when summer is done they will have more than enough to eat. The same applies to all humans, if you want peace, work to make it happen, if you want abundant food, work to make it happen, if you want healthy relationships and obedient kids, a good income and a good house to live in, work to make it happen. Another lesson from the ant community is exactly that: “They are a community.” Learn to work with others who have the same dreams, ambitions and plans as you, no matter where on earth, in the end you will see the results and power of your unity.

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV)

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Monday, 12 August 2013


Success is the desire of just about every human being on earth, no matter the limitations, restrictions or challenges they might be confronted with, most people desire to succeed at something in life. It could be anything from finding a wife or husband to get a good job, start a business or finishing college or obtaining a degree, but all people everywhere wants to achieve something meaningful and significant. Not forgetting the wife who wants her family to succeed and become the family unit who love and support each other.

The main thing indicative of a person’s drive to succeed is their level of self-belief.  Believing in your ability to succeed is what will cause you to push on when others quit and throw in the towel. Self-belief is one of the main keys to success which causes people to dust themselves off and start again after a failed attempt. That believe that you can succeed will take you to the winner’s circle. There are countless stories and examples of people who achieved success, but examining the backgrounds or history of those people will reveal that they had quite a few failed attempts before they received the winner’s crown. The main thing which causes most people to start over after numerous failed attempts is their belief that they can succeed. This is the reason why you see women become great wives and mothers after having been disappointed or cheated on by someone they thought they will marry someday. They picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and started afresh, because they believed that they will find the right guy if they just don’t stop believing that he is out there. When you believe in your ability to succeed then you are already half way to success.

Success is not an accident or a coincidence, not for most people. People do not become great parents or great partners or great students, professors, doctors, nurses, teachers, presidents or business leaders overnight. All of these are a process, a process of self-persuasion, persuading yourself from an early stage that you do have what it takes to succeed. Success is deliberate, a planned event for most, but before success happens there is a person who must believe in their ability to achieve success first. Friend your ability to achieve success is enhanced and taken to a different level when you believe in yourself and that you can succeed. Your self-belief will cause you to rise up after every failed attempt, self-belief will pick you up when your ability is lacking, self-belief will tell you that you can do better and that you will get there, just don’t quit. Self-belief will drive you to keep trying and inspire you to turn defeat into victory. Self-belief will set you apart from the losers and bring you closer to the winners, self-belief will zoom in on your cans and your yesses, and self-belief will turn you into a winner long before you receive a crown. Half the battle is won when you believe in yourself and that you, yes you, can and will succeed.

Insecurity will call attention to your failures and shortcomings, but self-belief will focus on your victories and past achievements. Self-belief will keep you positive and drive out the voices and doubts trying to discourage you, self-belief will stand between you and the stuff that tries to tie you down. Self-belief will tell you to try again, look at it from a different angle, but just do not quit. Self-belief is the voice of God reminding you that it may take a while to get there, but get there you will. Self-belief is the light which will drive out the darkness and depression of defeat, it is the light that will guide you to your success, success which you will obtain if you believe in yourself.

“Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.” (Psalm 97:11 NIV)

Friend, wrap yourself in self-belief as with a garment, because it is like wrapping yourself with light. The light which will guide you out of the deepest depths of failure, despair and defeat is your belief that you can and will succeed.

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Friday, 9 August 2013


There are so many questions in the world, so many whys and hows, and whens? When will I get married? Why did that happen? How long will I live? With so many unanswered questions and unknown things, which so many desperately want answers for, a lot of people live, like they are missing out on something really wonderful.

Friends, I have news for you, GOOD NEWS!! You don’t have to wait for the special occasions, or the answers to questions like, “How long are you going to live?” Your birth-date is on God’s calendar, and God will tell you, that the length of your life, is directly tied to the choices you make each day you breathe on this earth. It is better for you to live your life, and live it to the best of your ability, than to sit and wait for something, while your life is slipping by. Friend, you are well-connected, connected to The Source, and Creator, Of All The Life on the planet. You are alive and you were created to live your life, and I say, “Live your life to best of your ability.” Every day you live, and every choice you make in that day, is a witness to the type of life you choose to live on this, God’s earth. Reality is, that much of the things you so desperately want answers for, will be answered as you live your life. Living life involves doing things, like pursuing your dreams and living out your plans, and doing your best. Friend, it is time to live your life with purpose, the purpose you were created for. Every part of your body is living and breathing, each day while you are alive, life is happening right inside of you.

So many people sit and wait for that special day, or special time, they dream about. So many people live, with their eyes focused on all the wrongs in their lives, relationships and circumstances. Friend, I acknowledge, that there are certain things which are beyond the ability of a human being to change, and sometimes, people focus so much on the things they cannot change, that they fail to take hold of those things which they are able to change. Sometimes it may look like the world has to move, in order for some people to be happy, but friend, sometimes, the individual needs to move, and create that happiness they so long for. Sometimes you have to step out of the wait, and into the happiness you so long for. Is it always easy to get the things you want on this planet? Friend, no, it is not always easy to get what you want, because sometimes, it involves a little work, a little effort. God created a lot of things to involve a little sweat, if you want pure gold you have to sweat a little, to get the impurities out, and get it pure enough for you to like it. A lot of people are confused with the will of God sometimes, because God will promise something, and they then discover, that they will have to do some, or a lot of the work, to see that promise become a reality. Consider Moses and the Israelite people, Exodus, God promised them a land of milk and honey, which really existed, but they had to fight to get it. Getting that land involved some sweat and tears, and also a massive move across some real unpleasant territory. The land of milk and honey existed, but in order for them to take a hold of that good land and happiness, they had to step out of the wait, and into some action, which involved a huge move.

Stepping out of the confines of a simple familiar situation, even though it may be really uncomfortable, into the unknown of making a dream happen, is sometimes really unsettling for most people. Some people prefer to sit and wait for the dream to happen, rather than making an effort, to make it reality themselves. Friends, your dreams can happen, and sometimes, it will involve a little or a lot of work, to make them happen. Sometimes people do ask: “Where is God in all of this?” and the answer is really simple: God is in the ability you have, the strength you possess and the wisdom He gave you. Every moment you breathe God is in it, because He supplies the air, every step you take God is with you, because He formed your feet, and every question you have, God may answer, if your dreams are great and good enough.

“The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” (Proverbs 4:18 NIV)

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013


People desire to know their futures, most people want to know what lies ahead, and people not only want to know their futures they very particularly want to hear of the good that lie ahead. After all, when most people seek advice or want to know about their future they do so because they want to hear good things. Nobody wants to hear bad things, because all or most individuals on earth are hoping for the best for themselves and their loved ones.

Now, friend I know that if you had access to or an ability to peek into your future that most of you would make use of that ability, that is because most people want to know what life will be like for them five or ten years down the line. Well friend, a lot of what you do now in this day will directly impact your future five or ten years down the line. Think about it, where were you five, ten or twenty years ago? Many of you were still at school learning to read and write and right now you are in a very good place (you can READ!!), you are a direct beneficiary of the decisions you made then to go to school and get educated. The same applies to your future, if you invest your time and energy in good things now you will most likely be the main beneficiary five, ten years down the line. A lot of what you do now will impact your future, whether the things you do are good or bad, makes no difference. If you plant apple seeds you will get an apple tree with lots of apples on that tree, and if you plant grape seeds you will be harvesting grapes. I know most people do not want to hear that you being a cheat in your relationship now will result in some bad stuff happening to you in your future. Most people want to hear, “If it feels good then it is good, so go ahead and enjoy.” Reality is what you sow with your life today you will be the main reaper off tomorrow or in your future.

Friend, the main thing is the future is not as much a mystery as you think. If you can look at your past and see where you were back then and take a look at your present then you will know that much of what you had done in the past is a very direct cause why you are where you are today, whether you are happy or sad, good or bad, a lot of your own choices brought you here. If you could go back and change certain things, then what would those things be and why would you change your behaviour and choices back then? In most instances when people are honest with themselves they would say that they would go back and make better choices, others will say that they would change nothing. I will tend to agree with those who would choose to go back and make better choices for the simple reason that they actually show and prove through that choice today that they indeed grew in wisdom and are at least a little wiser now than they were five or ten years ago, it speaks of growth and improvement. And if you are one of those who acknowledge that they are wiser now than they were five or ten years back then your future looks bright.

As far as the righteous are concerned your future is a whole lot brighter according to God:

“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree..; they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.” (Psalm 92:12-14 NIV)

Friend, there is a God-given guarantee that you will reach old age and with that guarantee comes another promise that you will flourish, meaning you will be prosperous and do well and be fruitful. That is the will of God and it really depends on you as an individual whether those things are your will as well.

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Thursday, 1 August 2013


Yes, I know, millions of people all over the world disagree verbally, but that is not because they know the facts, no, they disagree because they heard the saying, “Money cannot buy you happiness,” being said very often and so without really considering it they just jumped on the same bandwagon. And yes, friend, it is common for people to say things or agree with the crowd without really honestly and truthfully thinking things through. Let’s take a look at this from my view, where Truth lives.

We are living on a planet with a lot of resources and sufficient land to sustain life, but for most people to get access to those resources and land they need to have money, we are living in a world governed by money. Without money you cannot eat, you cannot live in a good house or own land. The most important things which you as a human being need to live you won’t have access to if you do not have any money. You won’t be able to feed your wife/husband, children or family without money, and food is the most basic human “need” for all. Friend without money the majority of humans on planet earth will not be happy. Consider your own life, would you be happy if you had no money to buy food, would you be happy if you had no food to eat or if you had no access to land to grow your own food. Friend land is free, no human being brought any land with them when they were born, yet because of the types of governments chosen by the people, in most cases, the majority of humans on earth cannot have free access to land if they do not have money. You try and go occupy a piece of land in your country without having paid for that land with money and you will be evicted or arrested. Yes, friend we are living in a world governed by money, we are living in a world where money can buy you happiness.

If you are fortunate enough to be a home owner, how happy are you? How happy would you have been if you had no home and no access to money to buy a home? How happy would you be if you never had any money, unable to buy food or clothes or anything you need? How happy would you be if you had no food to feed your children and family with and no clothes to clothe them with, all because you are in the money wilderness? How happy would your wife/husband be when there is no money for these very basic needs you have and how would you cope without money? How would it affect your relationships? How much happiness will there be? If you are not married yet and do not have access to your own money, a regular income, who will marry you (if you are a guy), what sane woman will leave her parents’ home to come live with you on the street and live without money? You can’t feed or clothe her and you cannot give her a good and safe home to live in, because you have no money to buy these things. The fact is without money you won’t be very happy, in fact you will be very miserable. And if you disagree, try and live without money for a year and come tell me how happy you were.

Friend, money can buy you happiness, in Truth, money does buy you happiness. The car you drive (if you own one) was purchased with money, your home, your clothes, your furniture and all your food came to you through money and these things make you happy. Money enables you to take a girl (or a guy) on a date, treat them well and show them that you are able to take care of and provide for them. Money puts you in a fortunate position to provide, protect and take care of your family, because we are living in world governed by money.
Money buys you happiness, money puts you in a good position to be a good wife or husband, mother or father, money brings you peace and security, money makes you happy. We use money to buy things, things which makes us happy, things like cars, boats, clothes, food, houses, businesses and money puts us in a position to show the person we love that we are a good mate and able to provide for and take care of them. In fact money helps to persuade someone to be with and love us, because money can buy happiness or more specific, money buys a whole lot of the things which do make us happy, and that is the Truth: MONEY CAN BUY YOU HAPPINESS!!

“Money is the answer for everything.” (Ecclesiastes 10:19 NIV)

That is the Truth and knowing how to use your money the right way will increase your happiness. I know some people are still struggling with that particular statement, but consider friend: A lot of people are stressed and frustrated in relationships because they are short of money and feel they can’t cope, a lot of people will only marry someone if they have the money and financial stability to sufficiently and consistently provide for them. There are expenses in every household and money is the answer to those expenses, children must be fed, clothed, educated and looked after and money is the answer for those things. A wife “must” have a good home to live in she “must” be well-provided for and money is the answer for that too. Friends money buys you happiness. MONEY IS THE CAUSE FOR LAUGHTER, PEACE, JOY, SAFETY, SECURITY AND A GOOD ATMOSPHERE. Even the poor are happier when they acquire a little money, money brings happiness, and in this world money is the answer to a lot of things.

Having said that it does not mean that you must love money, the intent is for you to clearly understand the role of money in your world and the importance of keeping a clear head. Money is not more important than people, good people, and it does play an important role in our daily lives and we need to be clear about where we stand when it comes to money. Understand the value and importance of money in the world we live in, but do not allow money to govern or control you.

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