Monday, 29 July 2013


To do or to not do it? That is the question. People are always confronted with that question, every day of our individual lives. Will we do it or won’t we? Will we step up or won’t we? Will we go ahead or will we hold back? The Answer to that question is fairly simple, and it is in the form of another question: Is this good for you in the short and long term? That is because after you’ve made your decision you will have to live with the consequences. So whatever choice you are being confronted with is guaranteed to come with consequences, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, the consequences will not vanish into thin air.

Think about it, every new day you are presented with a fresh batch of choices you have to make. You get up in the morning and you have a fresh choice, to brush your teeth or to not brush your teeth, fresh breath or stinky breath. Early on in your life you have already decided that fresh breath is a good choice (unless you think otherwise, why I don’t know), so that is an easy one. Then to take a bath and eat breakfast or not, both of these come with their own set of consequences which you of course cannot avoid. Take a bath and be clean or do not wash yourself and stink. Now it is a simple choice, but with both short and long term consequences, starting to smell is a short term consequence if you choose to not wash yourself, but going on a date being stinky will have the potential to drive a possible life-long partner away, that is the long term consequence. Friend, things which define your quality of life are for the most part not great and hard choices you have to make, they are simple every day choices, easy to make like choosing to brush your teeth and taking a bath. Consider this, choosing to slow down and stop when you are getting close to a red robot, even though you may have a very important business meeting, may result in you being a few minutes late, but choosing to run a red robot and driving into another vehicle will have long term consequences which you won’t be able to avoid. Friend, you gotta do the right thing, and in most situations you already know what that right thing is. Wisdom will tell you that considering the consequences of your decisions first will help you to make the right choice and choosing the right over the wrong will improve and save your life. I know we are living in a world where being bad is considered cool and doing the right thing is often being looked down upon, but friend who do you really want to be? The baddy which always choose to do the wrong thing just to prove to the world and friends how bad they can be or the sane person who chooses to do the right thing, because they are not insane?

It may come as a surprise, but not all people admire crazy and out of control baddies and foul mouthed individuals who are doing their best to show the world that they don’t care about the opinions of the world or anybody out there. Friends, not every one admires that idiot who always chooses to do the wrong thing merely because he doesn’t want to be told what to do. There are sane people in this world and they usually are the millionaires and billionaires, because they understand that nobody wants a broken car, mobile phone, television set, and aeroplane or anything worth buying, everybody wants the stuff they buy to work properly. The same applies to people; good decent and reliable people are chosen as leaders, people who will do the right thing, not only for themselves, but also for others, including the idiot who thinks the world cares if their reckless behaviour results in them dying young in a car crash, because they chose to run a red light. Friend, I am not here to beg any one to live right or do the right thing, I am here to tell you that the choices you make every day will have consequences. You gotta do what you believe is right for you and in the same breath, keep in mind that others will do what they believe is right for them. The amount of tomorrows you have left is determined by the number of good decisions you make today. You can’t change the past, but you can impact your future.

“God looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.” (Psalm 53:2 NIV)

God is looking to see if there is any out there who chooses to do the right thing and honour God, because God created this planet and it came with God-given rules and regulations (which I know most people hate and that is why you do not know any two hundred year olds). The truth is that God is the only One Who possesses the power to lengthen and shorten a life and He wants you to know, that in doing the right and good thing, that you are honouring Him. I want to show you something:

“The length of our days is seventy years- or eighty, if we have the strength.” (Psalm 90:10)

That right there is the reality for most people on planet earth who live the longest, but that is not God’s limit, that is only the reality of the people living on earth. God is able to let your life be a whole lot longer than that if He favours you, but you must honour God, not just in word but in deed as well. If your works are good and you live wisely then your God will honour you in deed as you have honoured Him and your life will be longer than the rest of those living on earth.

“I will honour him (her). With long life will I satisfy him (her) and show him (her) My salvation.” (Psalm 91:15-16)

I know that many people claim that there are no guarantees that you will live a long life, and as  a result they do all kinds of crazy things and end up with a sickness or disease neither they or doctors can do anything about. Later on when these consequences are delivered at their front door they ask: “God, why me?” The answer is you had choices and your way of life came with consequences and God knows your address. Friend, God promises that He will deliver you from death, but you do not want Him to start delivering things to you.  Friend, if you live like you are not going to live a long life, you most probably won’t.  This day God says here is a guarantee of a long life, it is written and recorded, for you and everyone else, and if you have faith in God you will believe that too. The thing is most people want that long life without actively honouring God through their works. That familiar statement, “Actions speaks louder than words,” is true, for both you and God. If you are living right then God says He will honour your way of living by giving you a long life, but if you don’t, remember you made the choice and you do have a choice.

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Thursday, 25 July 2013


What is it that a girl wants? That is a question, which will present you with many different answers, opinions and responses. You can walk up to any girl and she will tell you what she thinks a girl wants, and the next girl you ask, will come up with a completely different list of things, which she believes a girl wants, it could be her own personal list of things, or it could be a general list of things, which she considers all girls want in life. And, yes, strange as it may sound, most girls do have lists of things which they want, and it could include anything, from the latest car to make-up, bags and nail polish, don’t forget shoes and clothing, and oh, yes, Mr Right. In fact, mister Right is one of the most important things on most girls’ lists, ninety-nine per cent of the time mister Right is priority no. 1, even if he is sixth or seventh on the list, in their heads he is number ONE.

Now, I don’t find fault with that, I get it, but most guys do not, because they really don't understand girls, and how they think. Most guys will tell you, she said this and that, but then she went, and done the complete opposite of what she said. So most guys think, that most girls do not know what they want, because they always change their plans or priorities. For instance, a girl will say, that she first wants to buy or own her first car and home, as soon as she can, and then she will settle down with Mr Right, or bother finding him, but two weeks later, she comes with a guy, and says, that she has found Mr Right, even though she still doesn’t have that independence, which she was talking about. She is still up to her ears in debt, and can barely afford the payments on her new car, she still lives with her parents, or rents an apartment, which she shares with a friend or two, but now she’s found the last thing on her list of priorities, Mr Right. This is how I see it and also found, with most girls, that no matter where Mr Right is on their list (usually not no. 1), he is number ONE in a girl’s head, and she will welcome her idea of Mr Right anytime, and anywhere.

I do not consider that to be proof, that most girls are confused and do not know what they want, because that is not proof that they do not know what they want, that is simply proof, that they do not want the whole world, or even those closest to them, to know their heart’s deepest desires or longings, so as a result, they draw up a fake list, meanwhile the real list, is in their heads or hearts. I acknowledge, that another reason why girls draw up a fake list, and present that to their friends during conversations, and girl-talk, is that they are not fully persuaded, that they will get the things they really want to have, so they present a list of things, which they consider or identified as achievable and/or do-able, meanwhile the real list of things they want, is in their heads or in their hearts. The reason why they do not want to reveal their actual list, or heart-list, to friends or even loved ones is, because they think, that those friends or loved ones, will see it as their fantasy list. A list full of fantasy things, which they want or desire, and will most probably never get, and that is why most girls prefer to not tell all. I get it, because sometimes those closest and dearest to you, are not as respectful, or as much a believer in you as you are, simply because they really do not think you are all that. (And I can relate, because out of the hundreds and thousands of you reading these anointed messages, -yes, they are anointed- the majority of you dear lovely friends and believers, do not think I am all that either, and that is why you do not contribute anything to me financially, which you should, because I am a very wise, good and influential blessing and gift to you, and if you agree that I am, which I believe you do, in your heart of hearts, just choose an amount at the bottom of this post, click subscribe and become a faithful tither) Even when they claim to be on your side or for you, they just do not believe in you, as much as you believe in yourself. Most girls pick that up, and sensitive as they are, prefer to withhold certain sensitive dreams and desires, or longings, from those they do not fully trust. Yes, it is about trust, if they fully trust, then they will fully disclose all, but when they do not trust completely, they then become selective, when it comes to sharing their personal-self, and desires and longings, with people they do not fully trust. They recognize, that sharing their deepest ideals, wants and desires with someone, means sharing themselves, and their own personal-self, which means a lot to them, and reality is, that which they consider precious, they won’t easily share if they do not trust.

All girls do have a heart-list, a list of things, which they want or desire to have, and most girls, are actively working toward making those precious things on their lists a reality. Most girls want peace, a peaceful life and real-life personal, and peaceful relationships. Most girls do want that Mr Right, and in their hearts, he is number ONE, and I don’t find fault with that. The True Mr RIGHT will actively protect, love and care for his girl, and provide for her as best he can. I will mention, that The Real Mr RIGHT, will present his girl with every important thing, like a good house, steady income, car (optional, but important), safety and sufficient resources already in place, when he approaches her. That is the Mr RIGHT, which SHOULD BE ON EVERY GIRL’S LIST.

“Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who finds great delight in His commands. His children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed. Wealth and riches are in his house, and his righteousness endures for ever.” (Psalm 112 NIV)

And there is nothing wrong with a girl wanting a rich man, God sets the standard, “Wealth and Riches are in his house.” That means he should have a house, and wealth and riches should be in that house. (And any girl who settles for any less, than God's "good" standard, lacks wisdom- and that is why you come here, to get wisdom.) I KNOW, SOCIETY TELLS GIRLS, THAT THEY ARE GOLD-DIGGERS, WHEN THEY WANT A RICH MAN, BUT GOD SAYS, HE “MUST” BE IN A POSITION TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN (NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT). In conclusion, there is nothing wrong, when a rich, righteous and good man, is first on a girl’s list of wants!! It is a Good Thing!! And we know what Scripture says about good things:
"Those who seek the LORD lack no good thing." (Psalm 37:1)

"Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4)

For best results this verse is to be coupled with:

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." (Proverbs 3:4 NIV)



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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


In the world we live in there are so many voices telling you and everyone else that you can’t be perfect, because you have so many flaws and shortcomings. Those voices always highlight things which are beyond you and other people’s control and they then blame you for things you have no power or control over, like your body type, your physical appearance, your height, too tall or too short, your face, too this or too that, your legs, your hips, your teeth, your bum, your hair, your eyes and everything else. Reality is you are not in control of your eye colour or shape, your nose structure or length, the position of your hips and the length of your legs or the shape and contours of your face or any part of your physical body, because God formed all your parts. You had no say in the forming of your body or the appearance of your face or the shape of your legs or the type of hair you have been given by “God”, you were not consulted.

Yet, there are voices out there in the world and sometimes in your head finding fault with your design and the parts of your body which were formed by God. Those voices highlight all the things which are wrong with your physical appearance and they then beat you over the head through repeatedly running those thoughts through your head, over and over again. Some people can’t stand it and they get really depressed, because they are not perfect, they are flawed and not good enough. As a result there are a lot of unhappy people on earth, deeply dissatisfied with their physical appearance and parts of their physical body. Some people get plastic surgery, because they want to alter and improve their physical appearance, they want to be prettier and closer to what they consider as beautiful or physically attractive or even perfection. Nobody wants to be ugly and the less attractive a person the further away from perfection they consider themselves to be. What to do? What is the solution? We all know that God is able to change and improve a lot of things, but when did you hear of someone getting a complete new and improved body from God, I mean God is able to give you a new and improved body that is prettier, more attractive and closer to physical perfection, I mean God is able to give you a complete physical makeover. But we all know that there are things which even a lot of prayer won’t change or at most there will be minimal improvements done by God.

Friend, you are not alone, there are billions of dissatisfied human beings on earth, billions of people who want a better nose or a better looking face, better hair or longer legs, bigger bums or smaller bums, larger eyes or smaller eyes, bigger ears or smaller ears, the reality is the majority of humans are really dissatisfied with a lot of things pertaining to their physical appearance. The majority of humans want what they want, because each human is born with their own different personality and with their own tastes and preferences, but God did not consult any human being prior to their creation, He just followed His own head and His own taste. And I consider most human beings are very angry about the fact that God gave them stuff they do not want, and they are the ones who must live with it for seventy, eighty or ninety years. Even when they complain about their hair or their height, or their bum or their face, God does nothing to improve it or change it to suit their taste or preference. Friend, truth is “if it is the will of God” He will improve your physical appearance as time progress if you keep asking and calling on His name, but you have to be diligent. When it comes to perfection, you must understand that you are more than your body. You are more than your legs, your arms, your hair, your face, your bum, or every other part of your physical body you might have an issue with. You will rise to perfection a whole lot sooner if you understand that.

You may not be able to improve your own physical appearance in a permanent way to the level of perfection you desire, but you can improve yourself, the person living in that imperfect body. You can be beautiful, and that is perfect in beauty, a beauty which is far greater than any physical appearance, a beauty that is loved, accepted and desired by many among the living. You had no say in the design of your physical appearance and the level of your own physical body’s perfection, but you can have a say in your own personal level of beauty and perfection. You can choose between being an attractive person and being an ugly person, you have the ability to choose between being kind and respectful to all humans and living things, and being a complete jerk with no respect and kindness in you. You can choose to be a loving and considerate individual loved and admired by many or you can be hateful, critical, fault-finding and disgusting, hated and despised by many. You see friend, you may not have had the freedom to choose the shape of your nose, the size or colour of your eyes, the structure of your face and the beauty of your body, but you do have the freedom to choose the beauty of you character and personality. You do have the choice between true perfection, true beauty and being truly ugly and unattractive.

“The light of the righteous shines brightly.” (Proverbs: 13:9 NIV)

“The wages of the righteous bring them life.” (Proverbs 10:16)

“What the righteous desire will be granted.” (Proverbs 10:24)

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Saturday, 20 July 2013


How often are people willing to speak about their own personal faith? Reality is in today’s world most people shy away from that topic because most people feel or think they are not living up to the standard of their faith. That is because most people immediately think about their religion or spiritual belief the moment you mention the word faith. I on the other hand do not really care about religion or inflated spiritual beliefs, they are all flawed and do not really present humanity with any real and lasting benefits on earth, all the benefits or most of them people are told they will receive after they die. What kind of a religion is that? Telling you that all will be well with you, but you have to die first?

The faith I am interested in or am talking about now is the Living Faith, that which will improve your life now, in this life and in this reality. That firm belief or persuasion which will result in your life being better and more wonderful now, while you are still alive and able to enjoy your life. I am speaking about A Living Persuasion that good, better and best do exist and that you can have or obtain it, now, while you are still breathing, and not after you die. I am all about living my best life now, in this moment, in this life and in this reality; I am not waiting for heaven. Think about it friend, your body was made to enjoy certain experiences and realities here on earth, while you are still alive, because if you die your body will be destroyed and it will no longer be able to take part in the joys and experiences here on earth, because it is dead. That means you are to enjoy ALL the good things your body was designed to enjoy and experience, because once you die you will no longer be part of these joys and experiences here on earth, because your body is dead. That is why you must have a LIVING FAITH, a Belief and Persuasion that is completely for living life to the full and enjoying your life to the best of your human ability.

I know it sounds pretty simple, but for most people this is still a little hard or difficult to grasp or understand. They think that in me saying that I do not care about religion or inflated spiritual beliefs that I am now saying that I am not concerned with GOD, but that is where they are wrong, because I did not say that. They are confused, confused by the world’s idea of GOD and their lack of knowledge of GOD The Creator.

GOD is not a religion, GOD is not an inflated spiritual idea, NO, GOD is an actual PERSON, A LIVING BEING and NOT A RELIGION. GOD lives and breathes because GOD is a LIVING BEING, religion is a set of beliefs and ideas people are following and that is NOT GOD. GOD is A PERSON and GOD wants you to know that. GOD your CREATOR created you to live and enjoy your life here on earth to the full, BELIEF THAT. GOD wants you to use what GOD gave you to experience the joys and pleasant realities GOD created for you on earth without fear or worry. Religion wants you to be an idiot and bound by all kinds of UNGODLY restrictions which GOD never put on you. Remember, GOD created you, not religion; GOD is THE ONE WHO formed you and put you and all other humans here on earth, not a religion, GOD is superior to every and all religions. GOD wants you to have A LIVING FAITH in A LIVING GOD, and to not follow a dead religion or some twisted spiritual ideas of a God somewhere.

Friend, your life is a gift from GOD, The CREATOR, given to you by GOD and not religion. I say that, because a lot of people on this earth put their religion before GOD. GOD wants you to know that HE IS ALIVE AND WELL, HE runs the world and HE is in control of things. Start believing that and enjoy your life to the full, free from fear and worry over religious garbage which is of no benefit whatsoever. Live your life and belief in GOD, take a leap of faith into the joys and good things GOD created for you to enjoy here on earth today. Do not wait to die to enjoy living.

“However many years a man (woman) may live let him (her) enjoy them all.” (Ecclesiastes 11:8 NIV)

“REMEMBER your Creator.” (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

If you remember your religion and forget your GOD you have gained nothing.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013


What is stopping you from reaching your dreams? What is keeping you from reaching your fullest potential? What is standing between you and your greatest achievements? What is your barrier?

Friend, there are many things that can stand between people and their dreams, many things which can keep people from rising to their greatest heights and sometimes those barriers are beyond your control or ability to change. Yet, there are those barriers which you as an individual can break through and demolish. There are those barriers which you as an individual have the power to destroy. Friend, you as an individual do possess certain qualities and abilities to break through certain types of barriers, you just need a little courage.

Courage will cause you to stand up when are others are sitting down, courage will cause you to step forward when others are backing down, courage will set you apart when others are afraid to stand out. Friend courage is what makes great leaders, great friends, great partners, great parents and great winners!! Courage coupled with determination is what causes victors and winners to break through barriers and overcome obstacles, courage and determination is what sets many winners apart from losers, and courage and determination is what you need to hammer through the unjust barrier. Friend all people are dreamers, all people are desiring to have and possess certain things in life and all people have obstacles to overcome and barriers to break through, but not all people are willing to or courageous enough to break through the barriers or obstacles they are confronted with. 

What is your barrier today, what is your obstacle, what are the reasons you have running through your mind telling you why you should stay where you are? What are the voices saying, those voices which are so strong and keeping you afraid? Most of the time people are stuck in situations which they like to complain about, but they’re not willing or courageous enough to stop complaining and start acting. Complains will not make your dreams a reality, complains will keep you where you are while courage will cause you to stand up and do something. Sometimes the barrier is not in the circumstances or in other people or surroundings, sometimes the barrier is in your own mind, your own thoughts and way of thinking. Sometimes the wall standing between you and your dreams is the wall in your head. Sometimes all you may need to get to your next level is a new way of thinking, a fresh perspective, another way of seeing things. Friend, not all barriers are physical barriers, some are in the mind and they can keep people from achieving their best for years.

Sometimes all you need to live longer, stronger and healthier, live happier and more fulfilled is right in front of you and all you have to do is change your mind. 

“He who walks in wisdom is kept safe.” (Proverbs 28:26 NIV)

“The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools. Wisdom is better than weapons of war.” (Ecclesiastes 9:17-18)

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Saturday, 13 July 2013


How often do we hear that song, “What if God was one of us, just a stranger on a bus?” The question is, how many people really consider that and how would they react if God was with them on a bus? How would you react? Do you think you would recognize God as God? What do you think God would say to you or will God even talk? Friend, I am telling you the truth when I say that the vast majority of humans will not recognize God as God. Why? Because most people are so preoccupied with themselves, in truth most do not even take the time to get to know God as God.

If you really know God then God will never be a stranger to you and you “will” recognize God. For most people God is an idea, most people have their own perception or image of God, but friend God is not an idea or an image, God is a living Being. God is an actual person with a personality and a face (and yes, since God is God, God is able to choose any kind of face or appearance). This is the great secret of God, He will come in forms and appearances you do not expect or anticipate, but come He will come. He will sit next to you in a waiting room or on a bus, and yes as far as I know you will be aware of that presence or energy, whether you will recognize it as God’s energy or presence is a different story. If it is for you that He is there He will speak to you, about yourself and about your life, He will tell you what you need to hear in ways which you are familiar with and won’t find strange or awkward, but you will leave with a thought, “What was that?”, but at the same time you will find that you just spoke to a complete stranger who felt like someone who knew you very well.

Friend, in the presence of God you will feel like you are home, where you belong. You will feel loved, cared for and watched over. It is true that some people might and some do feel intimidated by a complete stranger knowing so much about them and speaking to them like their lives are an open book. Some are afraid or intimidated, because they think they are about to be exposed for who they truly are, but truth is, if God is sitting next to you on a bus or in a waiting room, you will only hear good solutions and fresh ideas which will improve your life and make your experiences on earth better. I know most people think that if God will ever speak to them, whether on a bus or anywhere else, that God would speak through a Biblical verse or something like that, but friend, most of the time God is speaking through simple words you are familiar with, phrases you know, and words which are clear for you to understand, God knows you and He will speak to you in a very familiar voice with words you are very familiar with. I know that most people are always looking or waiting for the spectacular, the out-of-this-world experience, but for most God will come to you very directly and in an ordinary way, but with Truth.

God is present in every generation just like God was present in the Garden of Eden, He walked amongst mankind then and God is still walking on His earth today. Some people feel or think that God is not here, but friend God never really left the planet or abandoned this earth, God is here. Thousands of years passed since the creation of this earth, God was here when Adam and Eve were still alive and God is here today, walking amongst men, eternal and wise. Is God a human being? No, God is not human, but God can occupy any form or shape, any race and any colour. God can be your gardener, your neighbour, your brother or your sister, your friend since childhood or even your husband or wife. God is not living in a box and God is not restricted by human ideas or perceptions of God. God is God and God is not a human being, but the Creator or inventor of humans. A lot of people think that God is as restricted or limited by form as humans are, but friend God is the Source of humans and God can choose to take any form and any shape.

The only way you will truly recognize God is through knowing God as God, no not an idea, but the actual person, the Being called Almighty God and you will never miss God even if He is a stranger on a bus.

“The LORD protects the simple-hearted; when I was in great need He saved me.” (Psalm 116:6 NIV)

See, friend God will come to you as wise if you are wise and as simple if you are a simple person, God will communicate with you in your language and on your level, to protect and guide you, so your years may be many.

“You who fear Him, trust in the LORD- He is their help and shield.” (Psalm 115:11)

“He will bless those who fear the LORD- small and great alike.” (Psalm 115:13)


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