Monday, 27 May 2013


Friends, you know how it is when you have someone you really care for and you just want the best for them. You, because you care for and love them, would go out of your way to be there for them, and sometimes the recipients of such care and love are appreciative and value your efforts and sometimes they do not appreciate what you do for them. The problem with most people is that they allow the attitudes of those who do not appreciate them to impact their lives in a very negative way. Friends, the truth is, there will always be such people, for as long as God continues to exist there will be such people.
The key is to recognise that you are human and you do have certain limitations, selfish and inconsiderate people are really not of your making (unless you raise your kids to be like that), and you are not in control of bad attitudes. Recognise that you are your own person and that every other person is their own person, separate from you, you do not run the world and you are not in control of other people’s attitudes. Allow people to choose their own behaviour and way of doing things and always keep in mind that you have the exact same rights. You do not have to tolerate ill-mannered, unappreciative, selfish and weak people. People who refuse to appreciate you for you or the good you bring into their lives are just not worthy of your good and positive energy (Yes, you have good and positive energy, reality is your energy is neutral and it is in your hands to choose whether you will allow it to work for good.) The bottom-line is you are in control of a certain measure of energy and that energy, depending on your choice, will either bring good or evil. If you choose to bring good into the life of someone and they refuse to honour your positive contribution to their lives it is well within your rights to stop your flow of energy to them.

There are different levels of energy, different levels of impact, most people will never appreciate you until you had left and they feel the void your energy use to fill. Most of the time people stick around people who are selfish because they think they won’t find any better, but friends, there are six billion people on planet earth, and there is someone out there who will appreciate what you have to offer and are willing to give. Do not waste your time and energy with unappreciative idiots who do not want to acknowledge that you are a gift and a blessing to them. Spread your energy wings and fly, fly to fresh faces and new experiences.
The time you waste with selfish and ignorant fools you could have spent building new relationships and blessing others with your goodness, positivity and God-given skills and abilities. I know, those fools who refuse to appreciate you do not recognise that the energy that flows out of you whether in word or in deed, into their lives is God’s way of keeping evil, sickness and death from them. Friend, you are not responsible for the idiot who refuses to honour your contribution, allow them to choose their own destinies and you choose yours. There are fresh faces and considerate and appreciative individuals out there who will appreciate you and your positive energy.
“Your eyes are open to all the ways of men; You reward everyone according to his conduct and as his deeds deserve.” (Jeremiah 32:19 NIV)
Friends, God is aware of all people and all their works, whether good or evil, and God rewards everyone according to His own judgment. You are not expected to close your eyes to ill-mannered and unappreciative fools, trust your own judgment, and reward everyone as his deeds deserve.
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Friends, life is about living, and living it to the best of your ability. Life is about making the best of each moment. The return to self is about returning to your best form, that form which God created in your mother’s womb. Think about that unique identity you were born with, yes, you can remember, let me remind you.

You were free from worry, free from stress and you had a unique perspective, because you were still in your purest form. You came with innocence, purity and you had an honest and innocent opinion about everything. You asked questions without being afraid of being called stupid or an idiot, you were eager to learn and understand this new world you were born into, you were alive with possibility. Your perspective was unique and caused even the grown-ups to look at you with awe, because you saw what they could no longer see, your eyes were still undiluted and fresh, full of light and clarity, you saw things as they truly were. Your purest form was your best form, your best form is still in there somewhere, a little neglected, but still there, it mostly appears when you pray or speak to God.

Yes, friend that is the part of you which still remembers your Creator and True Father. That is your purest form, where the innocent is alive and where the pure resides, in your best form. That is also the part which God will always respond to, because God is its Father.  Yes, you have a natural mother and father, but God is your True Parent, your True Father. God created your fingers and your toes, your heart and your lungs, your brain and your ability to think and make decisions, your biological parents had nothing to do with your creation, nothing. They cannot create a finger, a toe, a heart or a lung, they are not your Creators or responsible for your gender or your appearance, God chose all of that, the shape of your nose, face and everything else. The moment people are trying to disown God, their True Father and Creator, they really disown themselves. God Who formed your heart and lungs can fix it if it is broken, people can’t do that. God can renew your youth, people can’t do that, and God can heal your body and fix broken parts, because God created it.

A return to self is about acknowledging that you belong to God and God alone. You must acknowledge that, a denial is you claiming that someone else formed you in your mother’s womb; a denial is saying that another someone created your lungs, heart and body. I will ask you, ‘Who can create a finger, a hand, a heart, a lung or a brain, other than God?’ Who can?

Friend, the Beings or Source Who formed you in your mother’s womb is your true Father, your True Owner and the only One Who really knows you. God knows things about you that nobody else knows about you, God knows things about you that you don’t even know about yourself, because God created you and knows you. Your true self is created by God, a unique God-created identity with God’s fingerprints and marks on it, God is your Father, and God knows you.

Friend, you are never really alone, you are never really by yourself, God is there, waiting and watching. You were not abandoned by God after you were given birth to, your Father was there. What is the meaning of all these? Dear One, it means that you are wanted, known and that there is Someone there Who is always by your side, always. Allow yourself to trust your true identity, allow yourself to rise from the ashes of mortality and embrace the life of God inside of you. Just as you were born with physical traits resembling your biological father and mother, you were also born with spiritual traits resembling your True Father, God. The only way you will become your best is when you allow God’s Truth inside of you to become your Truth and Reality.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.” (Jeremiah 1:5 NIV)

Friend, That is God’s Word!! God knew you before your biological mother met your biological father, God already knew you, because you were already alive with God before you were formed in your mother’s womb. You already had a destiny, a purpose, an assignment, a reason for being. A reason God decided on before you were a human being, you are known by God, known in ways that nobody else knows you.

God wants you to know Him, God wants you to understand Him, God wants you to increase in wisdom, not man’s wisdom, but God’s Wisdom, you are God’s child. God wants you to understand the ways of God, become skilled in doing good and know how to do good, that is your life. Your life will increase in value, because you live out your purpose; you will increase in years, because you fulfil your destiny, your God-determined destiny. Friend, a return to self is about returning to your true purpose, a return to a complete self, who understand your origins and the power locked inside of you. The power locked inside of you will address that issue of growing old.

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Monday, 20 May 2013


Friends, there are so many people on earth who are possessors of the greatest of potential. Potential to succeed at accomplishing their dreams and the desires of their hearts, potential to be a happy person, potential to live a free life filled with joy, peace and good things. It is true that there are a lot of unhappy people on earth, but it is also true that a lot of people can do something about that unhappiness.

It’s amazing how people with the greatest potential to be happy are not so happy and people with the greatest potential and resources to achieve great success are not so successful. Why is that? Friend, that is because a lot of good people do not realise the value or significance of their inbuilt potential. A lot of people are unhappy, unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their realities or life situations, because they always expect outside forces to bring happiness and joy to them. They are waiting for some great thing to happen which will impact their lives positively, making them happy. If they understood the truth about themselves they would be less inclined to wait for something which is never going to happen and focus their energy on building that happiness and success themselves.

People, most people, are always waiting for others to create what they desire or want and when they’re tired of waiting they go out and do something stupid that causes them more unhappiness. Friend, you are full of what you want or desire, you have the potential to create your own happiness, your own success. The problem for most people is, they do not know what they have, and as a result they live their lives with the greatest dissatisfaction and frustration, because they are not happy.

Friend today is a good day for you. It is a good day to step out of your unhappy place into your hidden potential to create your own happiness. Stop waiting for others to create something you want or desire, step out of your self-pity and create your own happiness. Yes, you are entitled to happiness, it is your portion and it is also your responsibility to create your own. You know what you want and expect for yourself, but somehow most people delegate that responsibility to someone else. Someone else will bring them happiness or success, someone else will bring them joy, peace or freedom, someone else, someone else…

A lot of people wait for someone else their entire lives through and someone else never appears, because they are “someone else” who are responsible for their own happiness. Fill your own shoes, step into your God-given responsibility to create your own happiness, you were given your own life and you must make the best of it.

“Be happy.., and let your heart give you joy.” (Ecclesiastes 11:9 NIV)

That is God’s perspective and advice, yes, be happy, but stop looking to others for that happiness, let “your heart” give you joy. “YOUR HEART” primarily because you know what makes you happy and what you don’t like, so start looking at your own heart and listen to yourself. Stop waiting for others to know your heart and give you joy, follow your heart and do not forget your God. God promises to bring the right people into your life if you follow your heart and walk in the right path.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013



Friends, it is in your own best interest to fight for what you want. If you want a long, good and healthy life, fight for it!! If you want good and healthy relationships, fight for it!! If you want your business to grow and increase in success, fight for it!! If you want a peaceful life, fight for it!!

A lot of people want a lot of good things, but very few are doing their very best to get those things. Some people are passive and put very little to no effort into accomplishing what they dream about or desire to have, yet expect some miracle to happen which will present them with that good they desire or want. God gave you muscles, work those muscles!! God gave you hands, work those hands!! God supplied you with your own energy, work that energy!! If you want to reap good things you have to sow good seeds.

Sitting around waiting for the right things to fall into your lap will prove to be a huge mistake. God gave you your own energy, strength and skills, so you can invest that energy. Invest your energy in accomplishing those things you desire to be in your life. Use your energy to build those good relationships, spend time finding the right people you know you want in your life, they do exist, maybe not in your house or on your street, but they do exist. If you want a successful business, work for it, use your skills, but don’t sit around expecting good things to happen when you are doing nothing to make them happen.

Some people are always misinterpreting God’s word, when God said: “I will give you the desires of your heart,” He did not say: “I will do all the work.”

You are expected to work with God, use your energy for its intended purpose, not to relax or be passive, but to be used toward establishing your heart’s desires. God gave you the energy, God gave you the health and God gave you the skills, use them, God is helping you through that energy, health and skills. If others can succeed at accomplishing their hearts’desires through using what God gave to them, you can too.

God gave you strength, physical strength, mental strength and whether you are aware of it or not, spiritual strength. God gave you these so you can succeed, God gave you these, because sometimes you will have to fight for what you want, and you will need some strength to win.

Everything you have is there for a reason, a God-reason, God knew you would need some skill, so He gave you some, God knew you would need some strength and some energy, so He gave you some. God knew you would need some encouragement, so He’s giving you some. God knows you and God wants you to succeed, believe it and fight for it!! The good you desire today will become a reality tomorrow if you are willing to fight for it!!

“Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; after that build your house.” (Proverbs 24:27 NIV)

See, God gave you energy, strength and skill for a reason, to work with Him in establishing your heart’s desire, and yes, sometimes you must or need to fight for the good you want in life.


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Monday, 13 May 2013


Friend, there is a side to you that is unique, complete, pure, special and good, you were born with it. If you fully understood the value of that innocence you were born with, that purity and goodness, you would never trade it for the world's approval. You would never trade your God-given potential and unique identity for the mould of the world. Your freedom to be yourself, unique and your own person was given to you by God, a unique identity with your own unique destiny. Departing from that unique and special path means becoming something and someone else.

It means a dying to self, a departure from what you could have been, a turning away from your best life. Imagine standing at a fork in the road, you cannot walk in both paths, you must choose one road. Consider that if you choose Road A you will find and discover things, experiences and meet people you won’t find in Road B, and vice versa. If you choose Road A you will be impacted by the things and people found on Road A and your destiny will inevitably be defined by the realities on Road A.

Whichever road you choose to walk on will determine your length of life, your wealth of life; your strength of character and your personality will be shaped by the things on the road you choose.

Now, when you were born, you came with a unique identity, a unique purpose and a special destiny locked inside of you by God. You were born with that unique identity; it was built into you while you were in your mother's womb. You were born with a personality, you came here as a unique and special person with a unique and special identity and purpose. You were born with the greatest treasure, the gift of life right inside of you, wrapped in innocence, purity, goodness, freedom and that unique character.

People assume that increasing in years means to grow out of who they were as a child, but Truth is that they should grow more into themselves and become more of themselves. You will be far better off in life if you continue growing into that purity, unique identity and personality you were born with, your best lies hidden in your unique God-given identity. God gave you a unique set of fingerprints, acknowledge that; the same God gave you a unique identity and special personality traits which sets you apart from every other living person on earth. God created you an individual, unique, not a copycat or an imitation of something or someone else.

If you want to be complete, a whole person and free, then be yourself. Your troubles are rooted in your turning away from who you truly are and trying to become what you think others want you to be. Humans are not your Source, humans did not create your form or shape you in your mother’s womb, God did all of that. God defined your form and your gender, God set you apart to be yourself, remember that. Yes, ask God’s advice and acknowledge Him and honour My Words, they are your life, your best life.


Friend, there are years and years in your God-placed identity, long life, good health, prosperity, joy, freedom and a peaceful existence free from fear and anxiety. I’m telling you the Truth, you will overcome sicknesses which others are dying off, your special and unique God-given identity will allow you to access strength and resources, wisdoms and abilities which God placed in your body while He formed you in your mother’s womb. There are treasures in your body, locked inside of you which you will only access when you live out that true identity.

The LORD wants me to tell you that you have a storeroom in the depths of you, where all the strength you need is kept, others may grow weak, but you will grow strong. Walk in your integrity, keep to the Truth; do not trade the treasures God gave you for the troubles of the world. Keep to the right path and the right path will keep you.

“Remember your Creator.” (Ecclesiastes 12:1 NIV)


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Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Friends, how often are people complaining that they just do not have enough time? There are simply not enough hours in the day for all they want to do, they need more time!!

Friends, time is valuable, valuable for you and valuable for every other person in the world. Since time is so valuable and precious people should learn to spend it wisely. Yes, I know, just about every person in the world with not enough time desire more time. People want more time to rest, more time away from work, more time with those they love, more time to spend with their children, more time with loved ones who passed, more time to love, more time to enjoy life, more time to live, more time is crucial and greatly wanted!! Even the greatest of rulers, kings and the richest of men and women want more time, more time, more time, everyone wants more time!!

Friends, the golden desire is: MORE TIME. The one thing that all humans on earth, rich and poor, kings and peasants, sick and healthy, fat and thin, tall and short have in common, is that all people have the exact same amount of time: 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, twelve months in a year. What advantage does the rich man have over the poor man or what privilege is presented to the king that the ordinary man on the street does not possess? All have the same day, the same hours in that day and all are presented with the light of the same moon and the brightness of the same sun. Friend, it is easy to look at material things and consider yourself more or less privileged than your neighbour, but in reality the same sun that shines on your neighbour shines on you, the same air your neighbour breathes you inhale. You are as rich as your neighbour, you are as privileged as your neighbour and your time is as valuable as that of your neighbour’s, make the best of your time.

Too easily most people look at that which they consider or think they do not possess, but some of the most valuable treasures are already in their hands. They fail to see, because they are so focused on what they think they do not have even though they are already possessing treasures of great and significant value. I watched many people who were so focused on what they considered to be their own shortcomings in life that they never saw, realised or discovered the good and wonderful gifts God gave them to possess. Friend, it is time to look up, up and away from what you think you lack, to focus on the good treasures you are not even aware of possessing. Too many people waste away focusing on their have-nots rather than enjoying the freedoms they were presented with at birth. You are free to love, free to live, free to enjoy your life, free to have a good life and free to pursue your dreams. Freedom which your God gave to you when you were born, if anyone tries to take that freedom from you remember that your God also gave you the freedom to fight for it.

Friend, the truth is a privilege and a gift from God, your freedom is a privilege and a gift from God, every word you read in these messages is a word rooted in freedom and soaked in truth, a blessing and a gift to you. Friend your God wants you to understand that He wants you to be your best and your best is already hidden inside of you. Look up and ask God to show you your hidden treasures and your hidden beauties, that which will enrich your life and the lives of others who may come in contact with you, of far greater value than all the money in the world, because things like time and favour from God are things which no money can buy, but God can give you more of both. Let the troubles, fears and worries of the world float away as you discover more of yourself, more of your God and more of the wonderful things in life you were given by God to enjoy.

“The LORD looks down and sees all mankind.. He Who forms the hearts of all, Who considers everything they do.. The eyes of the LORD are on those who fear Him.

Fear the LORD you His saints, for those who fear Him lack nothing.” (Psalm 33:13,15,18; 34:9 NIV)

Friend, that translates into you not lacking anything, not even time, you have all the time in the world to live your life and be your best; God gave it to you, use it wisely.


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Monday, 6 May 2013


Friends, you are unique and your voice is unique, your voice is there for you to give expression to that which is inside of you. There are all kinds of emotions and persuasions on the inside of you which you need to give expression to. It is the will of God for you to use your own voice to speak for yourself and for you to represent your own cause.

“No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you will condemn.” (Isaiah 54:17)

And are there not many tongues which are against you; tongues which tell you that you are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, fat or thin enough, cool or popular enough, educated enough, old or young enough, black or white enough, rich or poor enough, healthy enough, are there not too many tongues against you, judging you?

God acknowledges that there are things which you might consider to be against you or opposing you or adversely affecting you and He wants you to know that in order for you to be a victor over those circumstances or situations you will need to open your mouth and speak against such things. You have your own voice, given to you by God, it is YOUR voice, use it for its intended purpose: Speak for YOURSELF.

Too many people are silent-sufferers; too many people are needless victims, YOU MUST SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF!! God wants you to, even if you are afraid, God still wants you to speak up. YOUR voice is a very powerful part of your being, you are a strong person. Too many people are acting like weaklings when in reality they are very strong, that voice you have is so strong and its impact should never be underestimated. God equipped you to be a victor, an overcomer and a success, your voice is a very strong and significant part of that equipment.

People will respect or disrespect you based on how you use that piece of equipment, people will love or hate you based on your expressions through that equipment. If you are using your voice to build and establish yourself, your interests and those of others you consider worthy then you will use it for its intended purpose, to be a blessing. If you are using that voice to be an encouragement and a positive influence in your own life and the lives of others you will be a loved and respected individual in your family, amongst your friends and in the midst of strangers. Your positive voice, strong and independent, wise and considerate will become a valuable, unique and influential force in your community and in the midst of all people.

Your voice is so strong that even God promises to respond when you use it:

“You will call upon Me and I will answer you.” (Psalm 91:15)

If God is responding and rising to act at the sound of your voice then what is man? Your voice is something really strong and very powerful; with it you can open new doors, break barriers and shatter wrong perceptions and ideas. Your voice can build and your voice can destroy, your voice can heal and it can wound, your voice is a very strong part of your being, do not hide it, use it for its intended purpose. Your voice can greatly contribute to the fight for peace in this world; your voice is something so strong!!


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Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Friends, is life on earth easy? The answer really depends on each individual and their own personal experience on the planet, which is different for each human being. Is life fair? That is another question which will have many different answers. Is God just? That is another question which will have different responses. Friend, the intent of all these messages is for you to become better, wiser and stronger as a human being. As your strength increases and you become happier, lighter, wiser and more aware of your responsibility to be an active contributor of positivity and goodness to the world, you will inevitably impact others. Your light will drive out the darkness in someone else’s life and reality, and as a result the earth will become a better place, as each human being improves and rise to their fullest potential to be a force for good.
At some point in each person’s life they will make the choice for either good or evil, it is inevitable on this planet. Each day you are confronted with many different realities and every new day comes with its own challenge. Every challenge which confronts you requires you to choose between right and wrong, good or evil. Even if you deny to be confronted with challenges it is a lie, because you live on a planet where you are surrounded with people walking into and out of your life; people whose lives are filled with issues, struggles and troubles of their own. Friend, if you do not know who you are you will be shaped and formed by those people and their ideas, you will either adapt to them or you will show yourself as a strong and independent individual.
Is life on earth easy? No, it can’t be easy, there are far too many innocent lives destroyed and adversely affected by evil.
Is life fair? Yes, but there are forces at work which negatively impacts the lives of countless innocent humans in very destructive and mean ways.
Is God just? That is a question I will allow you to answer for yourself. Friend, God gave you a brain and the ability to form your own opinion based on your own experience. If your experience on earth under God’s rule and authority is causing you to believe that God is just then you have your very own reasoning behind that opinion, if you are persuaded otherwise then you too have a reason why you believe different. Is it my job to tell you that God is just? No, I am not God; I speak the truth and allow you to choose for yourself. God is THAT WHICH CREATED THE PLANET AND FORMED YOU IN YOUR MOTHER’S WOMB, God is that which governs the planet and keeps it from falling through space. If you have an issue with God then speak to God, Job had an issue with God and he confronted God.
And Job continued in his discourse: “As surely as God lives, Who has denied me justice, the Almighty, Who has made me taste bitterness of soul.” (Job 27:1-5 NIV)
You can read the entire book of Job if you are unfamiliar with the story, but in this Scripture Job accuses God of being an unjust ruler Who made his life bitter. Now, that was Job’s opinion based on his own experiences he had on earth during his life and He confronted God. My point is, it is in your own best interest to find your own voice and speak to God for yourself about your own life, it is your life after all. Job confronted God and his friends disagreed with him, but in the end he lived to be around 120-180 years. Do not allow the opinions of others to silence your voice; you know your life and your realities, so speak up, yes, even to God if you have a cause.
It takes every grain of sand on the seashore to create a beautiful beach. No matter how small a grain, it still is a very important and significant part of something much bigger. Your contribution will be much appreciated. Feel free to contribute to through