Monday, 23 September 2013


All people want to be happy, but the question is: ARE ALL PEOPLE HAPPY? If the answer is yes, good for them, but if the answer is no, then why is it no? 

Friends, reality is, that not all people are happy, just look around you, you don’t even need to look very far, look to the left, look the right, is your neighbour happy? 

I consider that most, or really all people, desire to be happy, a very large number of people are trying to be happy, but very few, actually are happy. You may be one of the very few who are happy, and if you are, then good for you. But if you are in the majority group, where there are a lot of unhappy people, who desire to be happy, yet they are not happy, let’s take a little journey to true happiness then. Number One: Why are you not happy? You know yourself, and I consider, that you are wise enough to recognize those things or that thing, that is making you unhappy, and sometimes, that thing is a person. Well, if you can identify that source of unhappiness, or that thing, that is making your life difficult, then ask yourself, “What can I do, to get rid of that source of unhappiness, or this troublesome thing?" Again, it can be anything, from a toothache, to a stomach-ache, to being overweight and not wanting to be, it can be an illness, or even a person making you unhappy. It can even be, that you, do not have a good job or a decent income, it can be anything. The important thing is, that you know and can identify it, so you can decide, whether or not you will do something about it. Some people know why they are not happy, they know the source of their unhappiness, but they do not want to change those things. They just want to complain. How do I know that? Friend, I say that, because a lot of unhappy people, want to talk about their unhappiness, and complain, and complain even more, but when it comes to them having to actually do something about it, they want to take a backseat. I am really not interested in a bunch of complainers, who can get rid of their unhappiness or the source of it, but who are too lazy, or too much of a diva to lift a finger to improve their own circumstances, relationships, and life. Some people just want to complain, and are not willing to lift a finger to better their own lives; such people are like leeches, sucking on the strength of others, unwilling to help themselves.

Sometimes all you need to do, is choose to be happy, it may sound simple, but I tell you, it is powerful. This is a very basic solution, for those who are done complaining, and who are willing to fight for their own happiness. Friends, if you want good things on earth, there are a lot of times, when you will have to fight for those things. If you’ve ever read the Bible, you would’ve seen, how God, made promises to people, but He did not just hand stuff to people. No, God took them out of their comfort zones, into some new, even uncomfortable zones, and He did that, to make His promises a reality. He promised David that he would become king of Israel, but for that promise to become a reality, David had to fight a Goliath. David had to leave his father’s house, and the place where he was comfortable, in order to see that promise happen. A lot of times God will do the same thing to you, he will shake you out of your comfort zone, and give you a Goliath to face, but what may look like a challenge to you now, is really a steppingstone to a new level of victory. You need to understand, that things which irritate you, are there to irritate you for a reason, and you need to step up to face it, just like David did. David chose to face that giant problem named Goliath, he chose to NOT RUN AWAY from that giant irritation, and he chose to FIGHT TO WIN. Friend, I assure you, that Goliath was a very real threat to David, and also a very real opportunity. You may know, that the thing or things making you unhappy, are very real threats, and really troublesome, but it is also an opportunity for you, to face that challenge head on, and get rid of it. God empowered David to slay Goliath, and God can help you, to get rid of that thing irritating you. It can be anything that steals your happiness, and sucks the joy out of your life. It can be as simple as going to a doctor, to get that nagging pain checked out, or divorcing that abusive husband. Believe me, you are not honouring God when a man is beating you up for nothing. It can be making that choice, to start looking for a better job, and getting out of the poverty hold (and remember to pay your tithes APPLY TODAY FOR GOD'S FAVOUR TO GIVE YOU A JOB OR OPEN A NEW DOOR OF EMPLOYMENT WITH A BETTER SALARY!!), it can be stepping away from laziness, and beginning to exercise and eating healthier, after all, God gave you muscles and moving body parts for a reason, move them!!

Your choices can improve your own happiness, the secret friend, is to choose happy, choose good, and reject unhappy and bad. You are not powerless, your choice is something really powerful, and choosing the right thing, will make a very big difference in your own life.

“Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits- Who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, Who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, Who satisfies your desires with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” (Psalm 103:2-5 NIV)
If God is giving you good things, to improve your life with, then be mindful friend, to walk with God, and make choices which will continue, to only bring good things into your life. God created you, and more than your friends, or any other person on earth, God knows what is best for you.

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Being happy is a choice. There is no pretending, that there are no challenges in this world, unfortunately there are, but that does not mean, that you should stop pursuing happiness. Happiness is your right, and nobody has the right, to infringe on that right, nobody...READ.


  1. I enjoyed your post so much. I know as humans we are not happy all the time nor should we be. Without sadness we would not know what happiness is. As Christians we need to realize we were not born to be happy. That should not be our goal in life. When I start to feel unhappy I find that hard work or exercise helps. God bless you.

    1. Hello Doylene, I am happy that you enjoyed the post. It would be wise to zoom in on the fact that God wants people to face their challenges and not run away from them. I understand that happiness is really due to all pure-hearted people who loves the right and hates the wrong. It is also my express persuasion that it is God's responsibility to assist and help those who are fully committed to live good, pure and healthy long and happy lives. God bless you and enjoy the rest of your week!!

  2. Thank you for these words! It met some struggles today and is confirmation that my decision to choose happiness was correct.

    1. Hi Laurie It is good that you choose happy, God bless you for every wise decision you make!!