Thursday, 15 August 2013


How many people are dreamers? How many people dream of achieving great successes and accomplishing wonders great and awesome? Friend, it may come as a surprise, but most people are not dreaming of achieving great and wonderful things, no, most people’s dreams are pretty ordinary. The majority of people’s dreams are not just pretty ordinary a lot of them are also very much the same. Most people want to be happy, and they want safe homes to live in, healthy relationships, faithful partners, healthy and obedient children, a great income and good cars to drive. That is what the majority of people want, very few want to change the world and achieve great things, and most people just want to have a lot of money.

Since those are the desires and dreams of the majority of humans then they are things which are easily obtainable. These are things any and every human being living on earth can and could have, because they are such basic things. The question is and could be, “Why are these things the dreams of the majority of humans living on earth everywhere?” Friends, the answer is really simple, “No matter where on earth people are living, all humans do have the same basic needs.” All people need to eat and clothe themselves, all people want to feel and be safe in their own homes, all people want to love and be loved and all people want to have money to spend and buy stuff. No matter the location all people on planet earth do have the same basic needs. You know friends, consider this, if the dreams of the majority of humans are so basic, simple and similar, wouldn’t it be wise for all people to start working together in making those dreams a reality? Solutions are so simple and most people could easily achieve their dreams if they just put pointless differences aside and start working together. Because what is religion and skin colour, nothing except two of the main causes for all the divisions on earth? The other of course is greed and as a result a few are possessing great wealth and resources while the majority, sitting in their racial and religious camps, are living in either poverty or the fear of falling into poverty. The dreams of most humans desiring peace, safety and sufficient resources can easily become a reality if humans were just willing to work together, but unfortunately a few rotten apples in the human basket are the cause for division. Friends, if you who are able and ready to work together choose to become part of the solution and step out of your worries and doubts into trust and action, then a lot of lives will not only be improved, but a whole world can be turned into a peaceful and safe home to live in. After all, the world is the way it is today, because of things done through the people who are occupying it. A sitting back and watching, doing nothing, except complaining is the main cause why things are deteriorating rather than improving, there are too many people who are doing nothing, but merely dream and talk about their dreams. Your dreams can happen if you are willing to make them happen.

Friends, the problem with a lot of complainers is the fact that they want to reap without sowing. A lot of you want peace and safety and abundant resources, but very few of you are willing to move a finger to work together with others to build a better world and a safer and more peaceful environment. In some households there is the saying, “If you do not work you will not eat.” I agree with it, if you are given the opportunity to work with others like an ant to gather the food in summer and store it up for the winter then you can have a share in that food during the winter months. If you are able to contribute your share yet refuse to then you are the cause for your own coming suffering and misery. Dreams don’t just happen, ants dreaming of abundant food stored up for the winter do not merely sit and dream all day long, they lift up their behinds and go out to gather food which they then store for the winter months, so when summer is done they will have more than enough to eat. The same applies to all humans, if you want peace, work to make it happen, if you want abundant food, work to make it happen, if you want healthy relationships and obedient kids, a good income and a good house to live in, work to make it happen. Another lesson from the ant community is exactly that: “They are a community.” Learn to work with others who have the same dreams, ambitions and plans as you, no matter where on earth, in the end you will see the results and power of your unity.

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV)

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