Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Friends, the desire to succeed exists in just about every human being on earth. Part of the reason for your success is not just your believe that you can succeed, it is the believe of success coupled with your own will to succeed. Every human being who rises in the morning, to do whatever it is they believe will bring their dreams a little closer do so because they believe they can eventually accomplish their heart’s desire. A student who gets out of bed after a late night do so because they want to achieve success and progress in life, but with no will to accomplish something meaningful and significant they will stay in bed and nothing will get done. The same applies to all humans, with no will to succeed your believe that you can succeed is utterly worthless. A lot of bad things happen on earth, because there are a whole lot of people who believe they can succeed at achieving great things, but they do not have the will to succeed.

You see friend the will to succeed is rooted in the will to make things happen, it is rooted in action, in effort and doing something. A lot of people who have that believe to succeed, but not the will to succeed are the very same people who are always complaining about others and what they are doing wrong, yet they themselves are not lifting a finger to do something meaningful and right. Friends, those who spend their energy finding fault with others, yet they are unwilling to do the right thing themselves, are the very reason why there is so much to complain about. There are too many people who believe they can do better, yet they are no more than critics with no will or power to achieve success themselves. The people who are achievers and successful are not the critics of others or the complainers, no, they are the doers and the movers. Here is a prediction, the next age of rulers over countries and lands with great resources won’t be elected governments or democracies, no, they will be people with the will to succeed. They are the ones who will rise each day with an agenda, a dream to fulfil, a plan they are working on, a dream they will make a reality. They will be the next age of rulers and governors, not great countries or democratically elected leaders, no, it will be individuals with the greatest will to succeed, the will which will drive them to create and find new ways to bring remarkable and exceptional changes which will change the face of the planet. You see friend, for too long too many people have been sitting doing nothing while communities, towns, cities, lands and countries were demolished and destroyed while they’ve done nothing, but complain and point fingers. God gave them their own hands to work with, but instead they laid and sat around complaining, criticizing, and doing nothing. I don’t blame, I speak the truth, if you are alive and do have the opportunity to be a part of something good and significant, yet you turn your back and walk away, then you are part of the problem.

On the other hand, friend, if you are a friend of everything you know and believe to be right and just, then you and your offspring will share in the good that is to come. The just do not merely sit around complaining and pointing fingers, no, they do the best they can to create the change they want to see and be. The will to succeed will drive you to do your best, and bring your best effort, you won’t be mediocre or a loser, no, you will be an achiever, a success and an inspiration. Times change, but justice will always be justice. The successes of tomorrow will be built on the just of today.
I know many different people do have different ideas of what success is, some believe that having a lot of money means that you are successful, but what about the billionaire who has a lot of money, but then dies of cancer? How is that success? Others reason to have a great family, a good partner and obedient and respectful children is success, yet they are without peace when one of their children gets caught up in drugs or some destructive addiction which ruins lives. Where is their success? Still others believe that living in their corner of the world with their job, relationships, houses and friends means they are successful, until they are diagnosed with a deadly sexually transmitted disease which neither they nor doctors can do anything about. Where is their success?
Friends, true success is measured by your quality and quantity of life, in other words, a long healthy and safe life, with those you love, free from fear, violence, trouble and distress. The will to succeed is rooted in the will to live a long and healthy prosperous life, free from fear and anxiety. The will to succeed is the measure of effort you bring into every situation to create a better world and a better reality for yourself and others you love. The will to succeed is doing your best today so you can have the best tomorrow.

“The LORD is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayer of the righteous.” (Proverbs 15:29 NIV)

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3)

 Reality is a lot of rotten things are happening on earth, but it is also true that not all people on earth are rotten, there are exceptions. Those exceptions will bring the change.

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