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Yes, I know, millions of people all over the world disagree verbally, but that is not because they know the facts, no, they disagree because they heard the saying, “Money cannot buy you happiness,” being said very often and so without really considering it they just jumped on the same bandwagon. And yes, friend, it is common for people to say things or agree with the crowd without really honestly and truthfully thinking things through. Let’s take a look at this from my view, where Truth lives.

We are living on a planet with a lot of resources and sufficient land to sustain life, but for most people to get access to those resources and land they need to have money, we are living in a world governed by money. Without money you cannot eat, you cannot live in a good house or own land. The most important things which you as a human being need to live you won’t have access to if you do not have any money. You won’t be able to feed your wife/husband, children or family without money, and food is the most basic human “need” for all. Friend without money the majority of humans on planet earth will not be happy. Consider your own life, would you be happy if you had no money to buy food, would you be happy if you had no food to eat or if you had no access to land to grow your own food. Friend land is free, no human being brought any land with them when they were born, yet because of the types of governments chosen by the people, in most cases, the majority of humans on earth cannot have free access to land if they do not have money. You try and go occupy a piece of land in your country without having paid for that land with money and you will be evicted or arrested. Yes, friend we are living in a world governed by money, we are living in a world where money can buy you happiness.

If you are fortunate enough to be a home owner, how happy are you? How happy would you have been if you had no home and no access to money to buy a home? How happy would you be if you never had any money, unable to buy food or clothes or anything you need? How happy would you be if you had no food to feed your children and family with and no clothes to clothe them with, all because you are in the money wilderness? How happy would your wife/husband be when there is no money for these very basic needs you have and how would you cope without money? How would it affect your relationships? How much happiness will there be? If you are not married yet and do not have access to your own money, a regular income, who will marry you (if you are a guy), what sane woman will leave her parents’ home to come live with you on the street and live without money? You can’t feed or clothe her and you cannot give her a good and safe home to live in, because you have no money to buy these things. The fact is without money you won’t be very happy, in fact you will be very miserable. And if you disagree, try and live without money for a year and come tell me how happy you were.

Friend, money can buy you happiness, in Truth, money does buy you happiness. The car you drive (if you own one) was purchased with money, your home, your clothes, your furniture and all your food came to you through money and these things make you happy. Money enables you to take a girl (or a guy) on a date, treat them well and show them that you are able to take care of and provide for them. Money puts you in a fortunate position to provide, protect and take care of your family, because we are living in world governed by money.
Money buys you happiness, money puts you in a good position to be a good wife or husband, mother or father, money brings you peace and security, money makes you happy. We use money to buy things, things which makes us happy, things like cars, boats, clothes, food, houses, businesses and money puts us in a position to show the person we love that we are a good mate and able to provide for and take care of them. In fact money helps to persuade someone to be with and love us, because money can buy happiness or more specific, money buys a whole lot of the things which do make us happy, and that is the Truth: MONEY CAN BUY YOU HAPPINESS!!

“Money is the answer for everything.” (Ecclesiastes 10:19 NIV)

That is the Truth and knowing how to use your money the right way will increase your happiness. I know some people are still struggling with that particular statement, but consider friend: A lot of people are stressed and frustrated in relationships because they are short of money and feel they can’t cope, a lot of people will only marry someone if they have the money and financial stability to sufficiently and consistently provide for them. There are expenses in every household and money is the answer to those expenses, children must be fed, clothed, educated and looked after and money is the answer for those things. A wife “must” have a good home to live in she “must” be well-provided for and money is the answer for that too. Friends money buys you happiness. MONEY IS THE CAUSE FOR LAUGHTER, PEACE, JOY, SAFETY, SECURITY AND A GOOD ATMOSPHERE. Even the poor are happier when they acquire a little money, money brings happiness, and in this world money is the answer to a lot of things.

Having said that it does not mean that you must love money, the intent is for you to clearly understand the role of money in your world and the importance of keeping a clear head. Money is not more important than people, good people, and it does play an important role in our daily lives and we need to be clear about where we stand when it comes to money. Understand the value and importance of money in the world we live in, but do not allow money to govern or control you.

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