Friday, 9 August 2013


There are so many questions in the world, so many whys and hows, and whens? When will I get married? Why did that happen? How long will I live? With so many unanswered questions and unknown things, which so many desperately want answers for, a lot of people live, like they are missing out on something really wonderful.

Friends, I have news for you, GOOD NEWS!! You don’t have to wait for the special occasions, or the answers to questions like, “How long are you going to live?” Your birth-date is on God’s calendar, and God will tell you, that the length of your life, is directly tied to the choices you make each day you breathe on this earth. It is better for you to live your life, and live it to the best of your ability, than to sit and wait for something, while your life is slipping by. Friend, you are well-connected, connected to The Source, and Creator, Of All The Life on the planet. You are alive and you were created to live your life, and I say, “Live your life to best of your ability.” Every day you live, and every choice you make in that day, is a witness to the type of life you choose to live on this, God’s earth. Reality is, that much of the things you so desperately want answers for, will be answered as you live your life. Living life involves doing things, like pursuing your dreams and living out your plans, and doing your best. Friend, it is time to live your life with purpose, the purpose you were created for. Every part of your body is living and breathing, each day while you are alive, life is happening right inside of you.

So many people sit and wait for that special day, or special time, they dream about. So many people live, with their eyes focused on all the wrongs in their lives, relationships and circumstances. Friend, I acknowledge, that there are certain things which are beyond the ability of a human being to change, and sometimes, people focus so much on the things they cannot change, that they fail to take hold of those things which they are able to change. Sometimes it may look like the world has to move, in order for some people to be happy, but friend, sometimes, the individual needs to move, and create that happiness they so long for. Sometimes you have to step out of the wait, and into the happiness you so long for. Is it always easy to get the things you want on this planet? Friend, no, it is not always easy to get what you want, because sometimes, it involves a little work, a little effort. God created a lot of things to involve a little sweat, if you want pure gold you have to sweat a little, to get the impurities out, and get it pure enough for you to like it. A lot of people are confused with the will of God sometimes, because God will promise something, and they then discover, that they will have to do some, or a lot of the work, to see that promise become a reality. Consider Moses and the Israelite people, Exodus, God promised them a land of milk and honey, which really existed, but they had to fight to get it. Getting that land involved some sweat and tears, and also a massive move across some real unpleasant territory. The land of milk and honey existed, but in order for them to take a hold of that good land and happiness, they had to step out of the wait, and into some action, which involved a huge move.

Stepping out of the confines of a simple familiar situation, even though it may be really uncomfortable, into the unknown of making a dream happen, is sometimes really unsettling for most people. Some people prefer to sit and wait for the dream to happen, rather than making an effort, to make it reality themselves. Friends, your dreams can happen, and sometimes, it will involve a little or a lot of work, to make them happen. Sometimes people do ask: “Where is God in all of this?” and the answer is really simple: God is in the ability you have, the strength you possess and the wisdom He gave you. Every moment you breathe God is in it, because He supplies the air, every step you take God is with you, because He formed your feet, and every question you have, God may answer, if your dreams are great and good enough.

“The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” (Proverbs 4:18 NIV)

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