Sunday, 10 March 2013

Your Time Is NOW!!

This Day is a good day for you!! You Are Alive!! You Can Read!! Your Brain Works!! YOU ARE ALIVE RIGHT NOW!! The mistake most people make during their lifetime is to live like they are going to be around forever, but friends, reality is that Your Time To Live And Live Well Is NOW!!

Pursue your dreams NOW!! Push worry and fear aside and put your best effort into achieving your goals and desires. You HAVE TO, God supports you!!

“How is God supporting me?” you may ask. Well, friend you are alive aren’t you? God, your Creator gave you certain abilities, talents and gifts, use them!! Use what you have to get what your heart desires. Yes, you might think: ‘It is not enough or sufficient,’ but with God on your side your little becomes more than enough.

It is time for you to look at your little through the eyes of your God and Creator. Just think my friend, David used that little sling he had and he slew a giant, He took the little skill God gave him and he used that little skill he had with a sling and a stone to conquer giants. You are like that little David and your skill and ability is like that little sling of David, and like David you are on your way to become both victor and conqueror, but with the help of your God. David knew that he was not alone when he took a stand to face that giant Goliath, he understood that he was with God his Creator and God his Creator was with him.

Today, you might be like little David, you might feel and think that you are being confronted with gigantic problems and issues, but don’t worry friend, your help is not far. Your God-given skill and ability is your key and steppingstone to a better future. If David had no giant to face, would he be known today as David the giant-slayer? If David had no little skill with a sling and a stone would he have destroyed Goliath? Dear friend, don’t despise your little skill and ability, God gave it to you to conquer great challenges, to slay the giants of your day and time, your time is now!!

David slew giants in his time and God was with him, God supported David and gave him a little skill with a sling and a stone and David used that little sling and stone as his stepping-stone to greatness. Your time is now, you are alive now and you have a little God-given skill, your stepping-stone to greatness!!

Friend, don’t be afraid of your future or where you might end up, YOUR TIME IS NOW!! God supports you in every righteous endeavour!! GOD BLESSES YOU!!

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him. The LORD is the strength of His people.” (Psalm 28: 7-8 NIV)
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