Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Friends, God want you to live!! Every message God is giving to you is God saying: ''I want You To Live.''
Every message is another building block to strengthen your faith in God and His Power. Through your faith you will access the blessing and favour of God. The blessing and favour of God will present you with things no human being can give to you. A strong faith in God is rooted in a very solid and clear understanding of God and His Word.

''The just shall live by his faith.''(Habakkuk 2:4 KJV)
(It is really important to understand that You will live by Your faith, Your Faith is Really Important. If you have no faith, little or weak faith you will be the only person who’s life will be directly impacted by that. A strong faith is like a well-developed muscle, you can just do more with it and accomplish greater things.)

Every message is a building block of faith. Your faith is like a massive house that is being built from the ground up, brick by brick, wall by wall, up until it is a complete house full of God's wisdom and knowledge.
Friend, your faith is the key to a long, healthy and prosperous life. Your faith is what needs to develop and increase.

There are different levels of faith, just as there are different levels of wisdom. For your faith to increase you will have to increase in knowledge and God's wisdom. Yes, you believe in God, that is basic faith, basic knowledge. There are greater levels of faith which God wants you to grow into. For that to happen you have to increase in knowledge and wisdom. God says:

''My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.''  (Hosea 4:6 KJV)

God is not speaking about unbelievers or people who reject His Words. He is talking about ''His people'', people with basic faith who believe in God. He acknowledges and recognizes that they are ''His people'' because they have faith in God, they believe that God exist and even try to please God. Even so, God still says that they are being destroyed, because they lack knowledge.

Friend, God wants you to live; He wants your faith to increase and for that to happen you need to increase in knowledge and wisdom. The just shall ''live by faith'' and for that to happen the just will need to ''increase and grow in knowledge''. If you think my messages are sometimes repetitive it is so you can get the point about a particular issue, so you can remember God's perspective and make it your own.
Friend, if you are serious about living a long life God wants you to know that He is on your side and He wants it as well, His direction will get you there in one piece.

It takes every grain of sand on the seashore to create a beautiful beach. No matter how small a grain, it still is a very important and significant part of something much bigger. Your contribution will be much appreciated. Feel free to contribute to through

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