Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Life Well-lived!!

Common-sense would teach, that it is the desire of every man (woman) to live well. When I say, live well, I mean, to be satisfied with the life they are living. Yes, I am certain, that every man (woman) wants to be satisfied with their life.

Satisfied with the house they life in, satisfied with their relationships, satisfied with the friends and family they have, satisfied with their job, satisfied with the money they have, satisfied with the way they look, satisfied with their weight, just satisfied with everything in their life. Every living man's (woman's) effort, is dedicated, to satisfy their own desires. A person who rises early in the morning, to go to a job they might not like, is not doing it to please their employer, they are doing it, to satisfy their need or desire for money, or an income, so they can satisfy their need, or desire, to own a house, a good car, their desire to purchase beautiful furniture, clothes, food, start a successful business, or to satisfy their desire to see their child attend the best school. They are driven by a desire to live well, and to have the very best they can possibly get, through their own effort and ability. Even the man (woman) begging on the street, is begging, to satisfy a desire he (or she) has.

The thing is, most people think that it is a sin, or a transgression of God's commands, to desire things. When did you ever look at a car, house, furniture, clothing, job or good thing, and said out loud: ''I desire that!!''

When did you ever say that out loud, and never felt or thought, that it was wrong for you to say, or think that? Contrary to the belief, or thoughts of most people, there is nothing wrong with desiring "good things," which could improve your life.

''You have granted him the desire of his heart and have not withheld the request of his lips.'' (Psalm 21:2 NIV)

Your desire for good things, will move you to act, and improve your circumstance, relationships, family, household, community or country. There is nothing wrong with desiring good things, there is nothing wrong with wanting the best, there is nothing wrong with living well.

A life well-lived, begins with a desire for something good, a life well-lived, starts with a good dream, and the result, is a pursuit of something worth living for.

To live well you must dream well, for your life will be much richer, if you have a good dream, which you believe you can achieve.


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